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  1. If everyone here hasn't read Keef's autobiography from several years back, find yourself a copy ASAP.
  2. Easier for the band? Because I recall seeing them losing a lot of people in the crowd once everyone realized they were opening shows with the whole album...
  3. The Chicago Theatre December 15,16,18 and 19
  4. Had a busy weekend and haven't had a chance to get to Stranger Things yet. We'll probably start it tonight!
  5. Heard "Don't Let Me Die in L.A." on the radio the other day and checked out the album. Not bad.
  6. I've been loving this little festival all weekend
  7. Thank you! Did anyone get some of the third one that was played as part of an installation?
  8. Wild news about Janet Weiss. Can't say I've been that thrilled with the "new direction" though.
  9. Has anyone else sequenced a 10-11 track single album of their favorite songs from Warm/Warmer?
  10. I'm having trouble finding clips of these new songs... Can anyone share a link?
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