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  1. You heard her on Wilcoworld Radio. In this hour-long interview, Cheryl Pawelski, producer and curator of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (Super Deluxe Edition) and founder of Omnivore Recordings, graciously answered my questions about her work and career. Gabe Walters: I’m a record collector and big music fan. My connection to Wilco is as a fan and goes back to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and, of course, once I heard that record I went backwards and then forwards too. In 2002, I didn’t know about the streaming on the website with the Reprise issue and I didn’t know Wilco before that. Pearl Jam
  2. I did some googling on the YHF Engineer Demos and actually came across an old thread here where people were sharing (now expired) links. The Owl and Bear used to host it. Any fan who wanted it around, say, 2006 could have had it.
  3. It's quite possible I got them from someone here—not you, I'm sure—but someone. Hard to remember after *gasp* twenty years.
  4. They were widely circulated, I'd thought. I don't remember who sent them to me or whether they had any "in" with anybody.
  5. Cross-posted from the Hoffman forums, by request: The Super Deluxe Edition is basically a dream come true for me. I'm comparing the track list to what we already have circulating, in the form of the YHF Demos and the YHF Engineer Demos. This is just for fun and in anticipation of getting the box set this fall; the predictions below are based on the info I currently have and could be entirely wrong. Disc Two: American Aquarium – Building Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (Part 1) Anniversary (Nothing Up My Sleeve): As far as I can tell, the versions from the YHF Demos and the YHF Engi
  6. This was a smoking show, with a pretty lame crowd down front that finally got on its feet a little after midway through the main set. It was my first Wilco show in five years, and only my second show of any kind since the birth of my son nearly three years ago (the other being His Bobness of Dylan). Was great to get out and let loose a little, and the band really brought it. It turned into kind of a rocking greatest hits show, which was fine with me, having not followed them for so long. Though I'd preferred a little more Star Wars and Schmilco material, having missed those tours entirely.
  7. Man, this show would've blown my mind had I witnessed it in person. Congrats to all who were there.
  8. Got to say I think the Pitchfork review pretty much nails it. http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/jeff-tweedy-together-at-last/
  9. I was at that Constitution Hall show. Guy was being a jerk in front of the stage like that the whole show, IIRC.
  10. Spencer's drumming, both in his relaxed posture and in the musical way he serves the songs, reminds me of Levon Helm's.
  11. Apologies if this has been discussed before. I was revisiting Jeff Tweedy's solo show from May 16, 2003, because I wanted to hear that early version of Panthers. On the eleventh track, Jeff introduces a song by saying he found it on a tape dating back to Anodyne, and while it wasn't finished, he was going to play it anyway. The lyrics to this song became Hate It Here. A pretty unexpected find, since I haven't listened to this show since 2003 until now, and at that time had obviously never heard Hate It Here, which wouldn't be released in its present form for another four years.
  12. Like. It's funny that there are now people on this board who have no memory of the disappointment many of us felt when we first heard the album version of Spiders. That version has grown on me in the live setting, but I'm overjoyed that the original has returned. Then again, I never saw a show with Jay Bennett, Ken Coomer, etc. Not exactly an old timer myself. There was a guy next to me at the show who first saw Wilco in 1996 at the original 930 Club.
  13. This show was fantastic, and I was lucky enough to pull front-row seats a few nights before the show. The band just keeps getting better. If you feel like they've reached a plateau, or they're just not doing it for you anymore, I suggest sitting out for a year or two. The last time I saw them was in 2010, and this time they blew me away. FYI, Spiders has not been rearranged or reinterpreted, at least not the way most people in this thread think. The acoustic version is the original version of the song, which appeared in the band's sets as early as spring 2002. Check out 4/27/02 for a good so
  14. Craig, I was at this show, and listening to your recording is like being there again. Thanks so much for your work.
  15. Agreed. Scary talent for someone so young.
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