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  1. If you buy the cd now, as a preorder, you will also receive a free download of the album. So while you won't get your cd until January, you can listen to the download immediately. I like cd's so I've just downloaded & burned to cd.
  2. Don't miss this appearance! Jeff Tweedy on CBS This Morning, 10-24-20
  3. Haven't had time yet to watch it all, but the first half is magnificent...the setting, Jeff's voice, the songs chosen...thanks for sharing this, and I can't wait to watch the rest!
  4. That'll be a blast! Have a great time!
  5. WOW! Take me to the Islands, Mon! That was pure tropical delight.
  6. Here's a terrific read for all of you, discussing what it's like for Spencer to have Jeff for a dad. Some great parenting pointers in here! https://pitchfork.com/features/family-matters/lots-of-people-wish-jeff-tweedy-were-their-dad-for-spencer-tweedy-its-a-reality/
  7. Here is Susie's follow-up photo. Lotti, it looks like they have left the area in front of the rocking chair open for the nunchucks demonstration.
  8. Susie asked me to post this for you! She says, "Here is a little hint about the special Tweedy Shows Friday and Saturday....."
  9. Agreed, it was a great conversation to listen in on. Both were very relaxed and I felt like a fly in their hair on the wall, just hanging out listening to 2 friends talking.
  10. I love how this bunch takes care of each other. Thanks, Yaz Rock! Also, I located my copy so yay me! I need so badly to organize my cd's.
  11. Rockbus and KevinG, I can help you out just as soon as I figure out where I've put that cd! Was just listening the other day so it can't be far...I'll send you a pm when I find it. You are going to love the Jay Bennett documentary being completed by filmmaker Gorman Bechard, who is one of our members. It's called "Where Are You, Jay Bennett?" and is a beautiful and moving look at his life and music. It features many of those closest to Jay, including his mom and brother, and songwriting & touring partner Edward Burch. Today's Question of the Day: What was Jay Bennett's favorite childhood book? You'll have to see the film because I won't give the answer away, but trust me, it's perfect. It could BE no other book!
  12. Very nice, relax and have an amazing time!
  13. If anyone needs an intense, fast-paced story to take your mind off the current political/pandemical situation, here's your book! From 2017, the debut novel of Gabriel Tallent: It's terrific, but not for the faint of heart. An abuse story. So beautifully told...I had trouble putting it down when I needed to sleep! I'll be watching this author.
  14. I'm hating this more by the minute. TCP, your view of our situation is a grim one, but I think you're right. trump & cronies are taking full-advantage of lifetime appointments, and what we are leaving our children and theirs is ugly.
  15. I hate to think it but I tend to agree. Until we can get the idiots to socially-distance and wear masks, Covid isn't going away and music festivals aren't coming back.
  16. I'm hearing rumblings on twitter that Pence has cancelled his upcoming schedule. If true, I wonder what that's about? Is trump sick enough that Pence may need to take over? Or does Pence himself have covid? Somebody get that poor fly tested.
  17. A good read! https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/amp34293371/jeff-tweedy-wilco-new-solo-album-book-interview-2020/
  18. I will happily vouch for this beautiful film! Gorman, I'm sorry the pandemic has tossed such a monkey wrench into your plans, and just about everyone else's (Thanks, trump!) But we'll all just roll with it and somehow you'll get through. VCers, if you are fans of Wilco, you will want to see this. Jay was such an important part of that incarnation of Wilco, and this time his story is told with honesty, compassion, and a lack of vindictiveness. It's the story of an artist and his life. You will go away deeply moved. Keep us advised, Gorman.
  19. I think trump made a major misstep in not condemning white supremacists tonight. That's gonna bite him right in his saggy white ass.
  20. Thanks Neuroglue Tom for your efforts here! And thanks as always to our members assisting each other.
  21. kidsmoke


    If you're still looking for it, try Discogs. They had a bunch but many are shipped from overseas.
  22. Ha! As if you've ever truly been "wrong".
  23. What are your thoughts? I'm sick at heart, but determined to resist however I can. I can't believe we've sunk so low. How are the rest of you; what are you doing and thinking?
  24. So after I'd insisted that "I Wish I was Ian Dury" had been played live, and Jeff was unsure, of course I had to tear my cd racks apart to locate a recording. At first I got nowhere because I was scanning for Ian's name in the tracklistings. But then I remembered the title that had been floating around back when we didn't know the real one...as Paul said, "Turn Around and Come Back to Me". Once I remembered that, I found a show easily. The Blue Note, Columbia MO, on 10-6-95. I think it was played several times that summer & fall. Another fun factoid for the clients! How's this for full circle? Wilco's very first show as Wilco was on 11-17-94, at Cicero's in St. Louis, MO. Tucked in among their set was a little crowd-pleaser called "Reincarnation"! Somewhere, Roger Miller is grinning.
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