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  1. Thanks always for the insightful and detailed reviews that let those of us not able to be there, still "be there". You have a gift for capturing the mood.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Even in dark times, there is always so much to be thankful for. Today we take stock of our blessings. Be happy.
  3. kidsmoke


    I'd say these setlists are typical of setlists introducing a new album. Their priority is to present the new songs, while simultaneously including past favorites the audience will hope to hear. This early in a tour of a new album, it's unreasonable to think they won't stick to a fairly tight setlist to fit it all in. We'll see the setlists expand & loosen up once everyone around Wilco World has had a chance to hear their newest. First things first. I've seen several shows from the current tour and they were all pretty satisfying. I thought the "Cousin" material was strong and captivat
  4. Have you been to Pappy & Harriet's before? You're in for such a treat! If you're having dinner beforehand, I recommend their flat iron steak. Have fun! If you have time, drive on down the road past P&H for about 10 minutes...don't turn off at the curve, stay to the straight-ahead road. In about 10 minutes, on your right, you'll come to a very cool pile-up of rock formations close to the roadway, and fun to climb up. No gear needed, it's just a hill with paths worn into it. Neat views!
  5. I loved that era when the band was just Jeff, John, Glenn, and LeRoy. What a handsome little treasure of those times!
  6. Now see, Brian, knowing how shy you are, I was going to just leave you as the unmensch-ioned mensch! But it's such a good story and warms my heart. Thank you again for doing the legwork to secure this little beauty. And love to the Wilcoes as always.
  7. Part of a set my sister gifted me. A great stabby little knife!
  8. I haven't had much of an appetite lately.
  9. What, you people have no imaginations? Fill in the blanks!
  10. Sorry! I didn't notice that it hadn't uploaded the photo! Thanks for tipping me off.
  11. Those of you lined up at the Bellwether tonight will hopefully have no issues with line management tonight. My husband Bob has been a house manager and so poor house management bugs him. Last night he sought out the house manager and paid his compliments to the venue, as due, but told her about the line fiasco. It appeared to be accidental, in that the restaurant doors upstairs had apparently been, ah, 'left open" by the restaurant security, and people up there just took advantage of it and streamed in early, having already been ID-checked at the restaurant. Vanessa, the House Manager, was ver
  12. This was in San Francisco on January 12, 2003 at the Great American Music Hall. That bouncy wooden floor was MOVING that night! I remember it was a quick show before they headed to Australia on tour. That is a terrific recording...that whole show! Jeff was so funny singing that goth version in his gothiest voice, and then he ended by posing, frozen, as if crucified, his head dropped. And held that position for a beat, then morphed back into Jeff, grinning, saying, "See? That's how I shoulda done it!" or something like that. It was a gloriously funny moment.
  13. Your photography is so gorgeous it makes me look at my own photos with a bit of horror. Nice to know someone is out there capturing the glory with real skill. Thanks always for sharing!
  14. It looks like a wonderful squad of Wilco fans is assembling in L.A. for tomorrow's show at the brand-new Bellwether. Can't wait to see you all!!!
  15. Thanks Wilcos! Trying to start a new art trend, here.
  16. ...my son & his wife have decided they want to come. But of course waited til now. Just don't want to pay those nasty scalpers.
  17. WOW, Charles! As usual they are magnificent! Love the one of Wild Rock Mikael with his Rock Pillow!
  18. What a nice way of expressing it!
  19. I should add that part of my non-complete-hatred of occasional sitting in a seated venue is the simple fact that I have foot & leg problems myself. So long standing is hard for me. Nonetheless, if we are in certain songs I don't even care if my feet are numb or screaming, I'll be on them for the duration of the song or encore. A sacrifice to the rock godz.
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