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  1. Make it stop. Please, help make it stop. Wherever you are, whoever, whatever the means you have...influence, money, a voice, passion on this horrible subject.... Speak up. Speak up! Make it stop. Keep pushing until it stops. Make it stop however you, personally, can. Between us all we'll create the will to end the gun lobby.
  2. I'm a lyrics person...it always has mattered to me that a song had something to say. Didn't have to be deep....sometimes a song is pure silly play, a la "Hoodoo Voodoo". It still says exactly what it set out to say. Which lyrics among these are catching at you, making you pause, making unexpected tears sprint to your eyes, or maybe just flooding you with understanding, from some powerful life experience? I have a few already, and they resonate deeply. Which are yours?
  3. I've barely had time to scratch the surface of this one, and I always need time to let an album with any depth (any Wilco album for instance) really percolate thru my brain and heart. So far all I can say is that there are some lyrics and melodies here that I'm already captivated by.
  4. A terrific cover of a terrific song by VC's own chisoxjtrain.
  5. I was awestruck by Jeff's cover of this!
  6. And leading into our weekend, for those of you lucky enough to arrive Thursday, OHMME will be playing a set at Tourists Thursday at 7:30 p.m. First come first served.
  7. Please note: If you plan to take part in the big group photo under the Wilco letters on Saturday, the time has been moved to 2:00 p.m.
  8. Wilcoes have chosen to gift their excited SSF attendees with an early release of THE FULL ALBUM. Be happy. It's terrific.
  9. So hey, pretty nice surprise on a busy May evening. Small wonder we all love our Wilcoes.
  10. For me it's easy. Seeing the gang of friends coming together from all over the country & world! That, and the airstream trailer.
  11. Showing my usual lack of restraint, I had to get this beauty as well! I love how the colors coordinate with the wallpaper in the album's cover.
  12. Don't panic. This is normal; we'll get them soon. Nobody's gonna get shut out, and DAMN, how much fun is it that I'll get to buy you a drink at SSF?!! I'm so glad you're able to attend!
  13. Kevin Morby's new album was released on 5-13, Friday. I've been a fan since he opened for Wilco in L.A. in 2016, where he damned near hypnotized me. Not a forgettable opening act! He was invited to Solid Sound that next summer, and his set there sealed the deal...major, original talent. I've been following ever since. This beauty just came in the mail. The music is as gorgeous as the vinyl.
  14. ....keep mah uterus out yo f*cking mouth! I attended the Reproductive Rights Rally in Los Angeles today. There were so many moving, passionate, poignant signs being carried, but the one with a Will Smith face and the above comment made me laugh out loud!
  15. Ugh. I despise Ticketbastard. If anybody has an extra pair of decent tickets to San Diego's show, give a holler. I got tickets but I'm not thrilled with them. But tickets in the triple-letter sections (closest blocs of seats) began at almost $200 each! I thought at the presale these were about $60 each, what gives? Note: the presale was just the day before yesterday. I was just checking back, and the few remaining seats in those closest blocs are now listing individually at as much as $409 apiece. Direct from TM, not a secondhand scalper. The ticketing world has lost its mind.
  16. What earlier life experience started Glenn Kotche on his path to becoming Wilco's drummer? 1.) His time in the punk band Spit 2.) The 2 years he worked at a Wilco gas station 3.) His high school career in marching band 4.) Many cross-country trips by Greyhound bus as a child
  17. The beef jerky is done. I've sampled it enough to confidently say, this is an excellent batch. In fact I sampled it enough that I made myself pack it up and put it in the freezer so I wouldn't sample it all.
  18. This war is just wandering bloodletting at this point and headed for some brutally stupid escalation. Putin is seemingly beyond caring that any nuclear action would harm him, as well. I wonder if he knows he is dying, and doesn't give a damned fig anymore. He's clearly ill, likely with Parkinson's, but then again...he has children. Does he care if his children or their mother wind up on a nuclearly-poisoned planet? I guess the big question everyone is guessing at is, exactly how far gone IS Putin? Hitler, at the end, had no particular goal in mind other than to control and dest
  19. This is still breaking my heart. 2022 has been rough so far. Wish I could talk to you about it, Dave. 😘
  20. In a Cruel Country, the right headgear is essential! Jeff has it covered. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2022/05/16/jeff-tweedy-gets-his-hat-back
  21. I lost my mom when I was a young teen. She was just 41. A brain aneurysm. You never get over it but with time you mellow a bit and remember more of the sweet times and less of the sad. Remember her when she was happy, that's all most moms would want. To know that you had felt their love. ❤️ Hugs. The missing never really stops,does it?
  22. Moms of every kind, and any who serve as mother figures, thank you for all you do to support your children, pets, loved ones! Thank you for nurturing in a decidedly unnurturing world. You are all such angels. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
  23. So it's almost time for the sheer joy that is the Solid Sound Festival, and today's big preparatory job is the making of the traditional kidsmoke beef jerky! I'll see you there, and I'll have my beef jerky to share as always! Afterword: Lots and lots of jerky. I seem to have gotten carried away. I blame having to wait an extra year for Solid Sound...it's thrown my rhythm all off!
  24. kidsmoke


    And let us know how it tastes!
  25. This is a really good one. https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/music/a39875586/jeff-tweedy-wilco-cruel-country-interview/
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