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  1. Hard to imagine her gone. She seemed eternal, a force of nature. Thank you Tina. Your music moved my very soul.
  2. Hey Kevin! I have to apologize because my reply above is wrong. I found my copy of Magnificent Defeat & it isn't on there. I know I have it but now I suspect it must be on a burned disc someone made for me. At any rate, here is the correct information for it: it was only ever released on a promo disc from that era: Jay Bennett - "Replace You + 5" Promo disc only Rykodisc PRCDV-20880 Released 2006 I spoke yesterday to Jay's dear friend & collaborator, Edward Burch, and Edward confirmed that it was only ever on that promo disc..."for now", as h
  3. This oughta be fun! And it's for a great cause, the Autism Healthcare Collaborative! Only too happy to support.
  4. I'll see them with Finom opening in November in L.A. Who's opening for them now?
  5. Your photos are the next best thing to being there, Charles! And did I just make a Wilco pun?
  6. Interesting! And only fair of him to adjust the lyrics as he did.
  7. His beautiful, emotional songs were a foundation of my young adulthood. My husband once smoked a joint with him, and pronounced him a cool, mellow guy. Thanks for the memories, Gordon. Your songs will endure.
  8. No worries. Just make sure Kevin doesn't schedule the next L.A. area show for February 31st. I have plans that day.
  9. I have preordered one of the pale green "coke bottle" vinyl LPs! Pretty.
  10. There is no such date as 5/36/23.
  11. Our own "Hummingbird", Vanessa, provided the beautiful butterfly shirt he's wearing on the cover! So cool, Vanessa!
  12. Gorgeous shots as always, Charles!
  13. Someday I will take you there!
  14. King Tuff in full regalia last night. The show was a blast!
  15. King Tuff at Pappy & Harriet's in Pioneertown! Expecting a lively show! We have an pretty nice stage view.
  16. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/getting-in-tune-with-glenn-kotche-tickets-612547755827 Recommended to all my Chicago area peeps!
  17. I'd love to hear your buddy's perspective on the live band now versus 2003! Have a great time!
  18. It was a bonus track on 2006's "The Magnificent Defeat"...Unlisted I think. The title is just "Junior". It was also on a promo cd called "Replace You + 5". Your best bet to find a copy might be Discogs. I love that song!
  19. I was waiting for you to post about it. Nah, I should've but I've got family emergencies going on (everybody is mostly ok) so I've been distracted. I do appreciate you posting about it. It's a very nice lineup and I'm trying to convince myself I can afford it. I wish it wasn't in December but I suppose that's the sweet season down there.
  20. Oh jeez, Chuck, I'm so sorry you're having such a rough go of it! The American medical system is a crock. I can't believe we haven't done anything to correct the situation. You are far from alone. I hope the chemo has good effects. Be very gentle with yourself, and don't put any demands on yourself other than to rest and heal. Nothing else is important right now. We love you!
  21. The world is so different lately from almost anything you might call "normal". A LOT of struggling going on. I hope my beloved friends & fellow Wilco fans are alright, muddling through, but I feel like there's absolutely NO shame in if that isn't the case. Jeebus, times're tough. We are all tasked with holding it together in a world that's insane. Is this how it felt for my dad in 1943? My point being, how's it going? How are you, personally? I'm okay. Trying to get my garden in the ground early after a couple summers of my gardens frying in insane 116 degree temps. Not normal,
  22. Sorry to hear they cancelled! Sounds like the band and crew have some covid cases.
  23. Ooh, those look really haunting! I love a good ghost/paranormal story.
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