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  1. Besides heaving huge sighs of relief, do you have any plans for Inauguration Day? Will you wear anything special, dance in the street, drink pink champagne, or throw a socially-distanced feast? Whatever you do, "Love is the King" will make a wonderful soundtrack. I'm so ready to feel hopeful, and inspired, again. I will be planting my Biden/Harris signs back in the front yard for the day, and we've left our Christmas lights and big inflatable waving snowman set up, so that we can light them and inflate them for this special day. I'm sure the neighbors will love our exuberance! And I will be feeling immense gratitude for every person who helped that shitgibbon lose the election. May it be a day without violence.
  2. These are such great lists! A lot of the women you'd expect to see mentioned, but also a lot of less familiar or unfamiliar names. Makes me want to sample more. I may combine all these names into one master list for reference. Feel free to add any commentary if you want to explain a certain inclusion!
  3. There are worse ways to go! Has anybody here read "Beautiful Ruins"? I'm just starting it, and already I can tell I'm going to love it.
  4. My Want-to-Read list is swelling again!
  5. You can get the vinyl on Discogs if you don't mnd it coming from overseas...but I also just found it on AmazonSmile. One of my favorite albums ever! And yes, this is the right section, since it's Wilco-related music.
  6. This should have been a great time for catching up on reading (what with quarantine and all), but somehow a lot of my reading time went into trying like hell to comprehend our political drama. I've been longing for months to relax enough to immerse myself in a good book. Have any of you read the old Newbery Award winner, "The Twenty-one Balloons"? It was a favorite book of mine at about 12, and I've always wanted to reread it....Balloon explorer sets off in a giant balloon from San Francisco, meets disaster just off the coast of Krakatoa, which is supposedly uninhabited but turns out to have a secretive population who have a wonderful life due to the massive diamond mines there. Pure escapist fantasy, and so well and cleverly written! Of course Krakatoa had its problems. What are you all reading? Once I'm finished with this, I have some terrific books the kids got me at Christmas. Boy am I sick of political analysis. I need something a heck of a lot wittier.
  7. How are you all feeling? Start anywhere. What a wild ride we're on!
  8. Is she open or closed?
  9. Also, has anybody seen Charlie?
  10. Does anybody have the time?
  11. Here's the deal: take a statement made in a Wilco or Tweedy song, and turn it into a question. For example, Are you the man who loves me? Now you.
  12. I'm intrigued! Look forward to listening to this!
  13. After the roughest year most of us have ever struggled to survive, it's hard to look ahead with real hopefulness. I know we all feel pretty beaten down. But a wise man once sang, "We can make it better", and of course he's right. In the end, "we" are all we've got. So I am going into 2021 looking for my own path to making it better. If we all do this in our own lives, maybe together we can create a critical mass of happiness and love that will build like a snowball rolling down a long snowy hillside. I don't see a reason not to try. We can make it better! Love to all of our members and of course to all of our Wilcos and Tweedys, who already go a long way toward making it better. Be brave, be safe, and work at finding joy right where you are. Happy 2021!
  14. Happy birthday Glenn, and remember the advice you scrawled on my copy of Modern Drummer when you were the cover story: "Never twirl your sticks!" I have clung to that advice and it has prevented what would doubtless have been innumerable head injuries. Thank you!! But YOU go right ahead. You seem to know how to keep your head out of the way, and you look so damned stylish doing it! Much love, and hopes that this last day of 2020 makes up for all the rest. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope to see you in 2021!
  15. ...hopes you all have a Christmas this cozy and content! I do too! - Love, kidsmoke From the space formerly known as my gift-wrapping space.
  16. It's been so hard on all of us, being separated from each other, and especially close family. I hope you can see your son again soon! I'm lucky in that my 3 kids still live here in the city, so at least we have that. So sorry about your mother in law. All the downsizing you're doing now is going to pay off in so many ways. I'm plowing through a lot of the same (altho not moving) and I'm calling it "reclaiming my space"! But yeah, it's an exhausting job because it's emotional, too. All the stuff we collect over the course of life has memories attached. HA! It's all in the timing! (As if I, or anyone else for that matter, had control of the postal service right now )
  17. I finally got my Christmas tree decorated! It was so hard to get motivated this year, since really nobody but me & hubby are going to see it. But I realized I need the tree, the traditions, for myself. It's been a rough enough year so I need magical, twinkly Christmas decor!
  18. I can totally hear these songs now in Dolly's voice and style! Bull Black Nova is pretty chilling. What Light is gonna be a country standard in no time.
  19. No, she hasn't yet, but I liked this suggestion that came up on tonight's Tweedy Show. So if Dolly were to do an album of Wilco covers, which songs would absolutely, positively have to be on there? And who has a Dolly connection so we can encourage this project into being?
  20. John, your Deadpool tree is a near-perfect 2020 Christmas tree. It suggests one have a Merry Christmas, while never insisting upon it and trampling everyone's rights. Excellent! Thanks for the Gorillaz recommendation, too. Brownie, your tree has that essential Christmas magic to it, and I love your theme! Don't let the loneliness get to you...I'm there too!...but remind yourself this is temporary. We will all outlast trump, and this pandemic, if we are careful. And then we'll all go to Solid Sound and hug each other! It's going to be good again. Thanks for the Calexico "Seasonal Shift" recommendation. Haven't heard it yet, but now I'll make a point of it.
  21. Congratulations to you both! What a sweet love story! I love a happy ending. Bring her around here sometime!
  22. Vince and I are starting the Easily Amused Club. Who else is in?!
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