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  1. And: Thanks for the birthday love, @PhotoMom!
  2. Us California kids ALWAYS got gypped out of snow days.
  3. This storm sounds pretty daunting. I hope you'll all be warm and safe.
  4. Thinking of all of you in the path of this monstrous Atlantic seaboard storm. I hope you are all hunkered down & will take no unnecessary chances. Be safe. And please, those of you in the path, check in as you can and let us know how it's going.
  5. I'm only a third of the way in but completely enjoying this. Some true-blue fans just loving on the Wilco for why we all love them. Thanks for sharing, Jon
  6. I'm really happy with this lineup. A terrific mixed bag of new and unfamiliar acts with tried & true & trusted ones that I'll love to see again. Styles ranging all over the map, with something to please everyone. Lucky #7 is going to be charmed. Looking forward to Cut Worms, JB, Hand Habits, so many others!
  7. https://www.stereogum.com/2173544/starby-series-wilco-jeff-tweedy-nels-cline/news/ Enjoy!
  8. I realize that's true. It's just a lousy situation all the way around.
  9. I wonder if a class action lawsuit will be made against Cloud 9? The petition numbers have continued to grow even at this late date! There are a lot of very disgruntled Cloud 9 customers.
  10. I don't blame Wilco for this at all. I think Cloud 9 is financially in over their heads and likely contracted to HRH in such a way that they'll lose their shirts if this festival (and others?) don't happen. I feel that Cloud 9 is the problematic entity here.
  11. So if anybody wants to start a gofundme to help recover my $2300 I'd be cool with that. Heavy sigh.
  12. Is that a cactus or a sculpture?
  13. David makes such beautiful stained glass pieces! This one is particularly striking.
  14. Thank you for that, Sandoz! Exactly the info I needed.
  15. See you in North Adams! I'm in the same boat with you. 3 different family members testing for covid today, so I may have travel insurance coverage (but probably not). It's being stressful NOT to go so I can just imagine how conflicted many people are who are still planning to go, if only to avoid losing all that money! The medicine kits people are packing are going to take up a big chunk of their luggage space! I don't wish ill on anyone, going or staying home. But I don't expect this to work out well. Some people may be in for a rude awakening. ☹
  16. Happy to oblige, Chez!
  17. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/cancun-concerts-wilco-dmb-omicron-1281187/amp/ Rolling Stone article on the debacle unfolding in Mexico with these festivals. Cloud9 has really dug in their heels.
  18. That's sobering. I'm going to get my hair done tomorrow and just dug out one of my few and precious N95 masks. Then realized the 2 over-the-back-of-the-head straps wouldn't work for getting my hair done. So I practiced a bit with the elastic straps and discovered you can wrap one around each ear and the mask still fits well & snug. So, I may look ridiculous but hopefully I'll get my hair done without getting covid. It's raging in this area. My DIL works processing test samples so I've been very aware, through her, of the climbing positivity rates in the past weeks. Now it's flu also..
  19. Sandoz & Boss_Tweedy, ugh, I'm so sorry you're both going through this! Boss_Tweedy, the tendency to respiratory complications sounds just like me. I think I might have an equally hard time with it. I hope your symptoms fade quickly. Sandoz, this variant is so damned catchy that I don't think people get it. With previous variants a little caution and masking and distancing were enough. It isn't that simple with Omicron. Even brief interactions are said to be enough. I'm so sorry. I hope your daughter doesn't catch it. 💖
  20. Yep, they cancelled. Many festivalgoers had already arrived! What a mess.
  21. Sorry for my slow response Judy...it's been so hard making this decision, but I'm almost certainly out. Things aren't trending in the right direction. Airlines aren't keeping up with covid staff shortages, testing facilities are also struggling with covid related staffing shortages... so many issues at once, not even counting Covid itself. Common sense says don't travel. Amazing that none of us had even heard the word "omicron" until maybe 6 weeks ago.
  22. Thanks for your empathy, Jon! I hope all your symptoms are mild.
  23. Too late Chez, I've already messaged her to try to unload my half-a-room. Boy is my roommate going to be surprised when Monica shows up instead of me.😄 Shhhh, it's a secret.😏
  24. What a horrible bunch of circumstances, Jeff! I'm so sorry. I missed the first SBS because one of our dogs had a terminal cancer and had to be put down during that time. Of course you don't want to be away. I hope your insurance will cover you. You certainly seem to meet the criteria.
  25. It's so good to see you, Rei! Someday I will get to visit Japan & meet you in person!
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