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  1. Love the close-ups of Nels' long, elegant fingers at work. He makes it look so effortlessly easy.
  2. This trailer alone is enough to give me nightmares!
  3. Got to see Kevin Morby's magnificent show tonight (well, last night now) in L.A. at the Belasco. It was one for the ages! Started off with the new album and then got songs off every one of his solo albums, just the greatest setlist. I'll try to get the list. Kevin looked great in his fringed gold jacket and gold glitter flecks scattered across his cheekbones...with the way he leaps around, the jacket fringe was flying and the glitter lit under the stagelights like sparks. His band, the Photographs, is so in tune with each other (literally and figuratively) that they swoop and dive t
  4. In my many years at Via, I have yet to manage to post in time for a "Live! Tonight!" Clearly, I am too slow for this process. But anyway I got to see Kevin Morby (ssf alumnus) perform in the tiny 200-seat Clive Davis Theatre at the Grammy Museum night before last, and it was one of those transcendent evenings where every detail was perfect. it began with a Q and A between Kevin and Tim Heidecker that was as endearing and funny and deeply introspective as any fan could hope for, followed by an intense, passionate set in the tiny, close theatre that left my brain melted for hours. I
  5. Any word? I hope they've come through unscathed.
  6. All these reports are making me kick myself for missing them in L.A. but I was trying to mind my budget... Also, I love your avatar.
  7. Wow. The next few days are going to be full of sad and sobering stories.
  8. Hurricane Ian is getting quite the build-up. It sounds as if it could be massive in terms of wind, storm surge, and heavy rainfall. If some of you are there, I hope you can either evacuate or batten down the hatches, hard. MSahno? You be safe! I hope the storm turns out to be a dud, totally overblown...best to everyone in its path.
  9. Thanks for these reviews! I loved "Knives Out".
  10. Sorry I didn't climb down to you...that was one steep set of stairs!
  11. Some photos from last night at Cal Coast Amphitheatre. Nothing spectacular, my seat was further up but the view was still grand! The Cruel Country backdrop is so pretty. The last photo is either an H-Bomb test (by Henry & the H-Bombs?) or during Via Chicago.
  12. Stan the Man gave me this setlist...Wilco's sweet and insanely capable sound man. The 7th Wilco.
  13. Oh, I wish I had the power to influence their setlists!!! Although I did comment several times to my husband last night, "They're playing this for me!" Starting with Handshake Drugs was perfect...when that song was new, I was so addicted to it that I had an entire cd that was just HD over and over because I couldn't get enough of that rhythm. It's odd now to listen to that because it seems far too slow. I've gotten used to the faster live version. Last night it sounded sublime. Via Chicago is "mine", too. I'll always feel like that's a little nod to us at these forums. And then as t
  14. Thanks for posting my setlist here in After the Show, Matt! I meant to put it here too but by the time we got home last night I was bleary eyed & forgot. We got an amazing set of songs! ❤️ And yes, I could watch Pat for hours.
  15. Tonight's setlist...Late Greats was omitted, probably due to the 11p.m. curfew
  16. Yeah, at the memorably named "Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre at SDSU"! If the students haven't got a nickname yet for this place, they need to get right on that! Anyway, I'll be there and I'd love to meet up with any VCers in attendance. My seat isn't terrific...in Section B, row J, #22...but I don't even care. I get Wilco and this joy is enough! I just checked...the last time I saw Wilco at Cal Coast CU Open Air Theatre was August 27, 2007. Susie and the kids (Sammy, 7 and Spencer, 11) were in the row just ahead of us with Uncle Danny. It's a nice venue. I
  17. Well, Paul from NM, I'd have to disagree with you being a "shitty writer". I see Wilco tomorrow night in San Diego, and your write-up has me all amped up for the show! From all accounts lately, they continue to be America's greatest live band!
  18. I have gotten turned on to so much great music through the members of VC over the years! I have some listening to do! It's great to see all the female talent busting out. I see Plains on Oct. 28th, and the setting couldn't be cooler...Pappy & Harriet's Pioneertown Palace! I love it up there in the high desert among the joshua trees and under a skyful of stars!
  19. I'm not asking what old band, new to you, you've discovered...Pavement, The Cure... Not that that isn't great!! It is! But, have you fallen for any brand-new bands? Musicians who have just recently thrown their lots together, and are valiantly trying to make a go of it? Sometimes there's SO much talent packed in! These are the bands I can't help but support! Right now the one I'm pulling for is Plains, a blend of the talents of Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee and the songstress Jess Williamson. The 2 songs released so far from their debut have been humming in my vei
  20. Good luck! I'll keep an eye out for you. Which do you still need?
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