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  1. Ha! I must respond to this! I don't completely agree on the standing/sitting assessment. I thought when Jeff called us the Goldilocks audience, he was saying we got it "just right". Not "too cold"...night one & all the sitters, not "too hot"...night two and nobody ever sitting down...but "just right". Standing for the rockers, sitting for the slower "listeners". Nothing wrong with an audience sitting to listen respectfully to a slower, more introspective song! Of course there was unfamiliarity in the audience with the Cousin material. We can't expect that the audience is made up enti
  2. Very cool! I'm a big Brinsleys fan.
  3. A little commentary on some silliness last night...when Jeff forgot the lyrics to "Love is Everywhere" and had to stop, he commented wryly, laughing at himself, that that's what he got for having just thought to himself "Well, this is going well!" And it had been! Going fabulously in fact. Anyway after a bit of embarrassed memory-searching, "Love is..." resumed beautifully and the set continued. A bit later, between songs, some of the audience cat-callers were yelling out shit and setting each other off, and Jeff commented in a deflated voice, "I don't think this is going so well, now!" promp
  4. Here's the original setlist. As you can see, we got a completely different encore. Also Dawned on Me wasn't played.
  5. DAMN, now THAT was a Wilco show! It's hours since and I'm still gobsmacked by how good it was. Stellar setlist with something to please everybody, but I don't have it & can't remember it all...it's late and I'm exhausted. Suffice it to say, they played everything like what they are, a band at the top of their game. The early-on "Handshake Drugs" pulled people to their feet and may have melted off part of my face so be kind when you see me next. I'll leave more details to others to tell. Must sleep. Oh and Jeff's got crowd control figured out now. Tomorrow he's bringing a laser p
  6. See you tomorrow!! Oops it's past midnight, SEE YOU IN ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE 20 HOURS! At the beautiful Ace.
  7. I have the Floral Ice vinyl. Very cool looking and VERY thick vinyl. Is the black the same?
  8. I'm feeling the same! Only got my shipping notice today.
  9. Mine has shipped, but the tracking tells me it won't be here until *gasp* Monday October 2nd! How the hell am I supposed to wait until then?
  10. Welcome to Via Chicago! I wish I could afford to travel right now because the dollar is very strong in Japan right now. But I just can't. I hope you make connections! If you do, we'll want to hear your stories after!
  11. If there's anyone out there who is going & not using their 2nd item (to be signed), I have a friend who would be thrilled if you could get a vinyl signed for him, since he can't be there.
  12. Thank you! Now the thread title is more legit. Great, intriguing review!
  13. I look forward to yelling "Bingo!" at next SSF.
  14. I feel ya. Biden is exceptionally healthy for his age, so hopefully that continues. But there are a lot of terrifying scenarios for the next years. As for Trump, he led an insurrection. He is not qualified to remain on the ballot.
  15. Yeah, her dad's a solid, sensible good guy. Olivia came up thru the Disney organization.
  16. I'm jealous! They are playing in L.A. on the 22nd but I just have too much going on to go, I think. I look forward to your review!
  17. I hope Wilco listens to you! EDIT: And then I hope somebody records it all!
  18. I'll have to listen to it. My husband actually knows her dad really well. At least Olivia seems to have some real talent & not just a pretty face. If "Spiders" influenced her, that's not a bad idea, right?
  19. I'm so happy for you, Rei, and and all my Australian friends as well!
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