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  1. I hope all of you can have a happy 4th, and enjoy making memories with family and friends. I am having a bit of trouble with this one. My dad jumped on Corregidor in WWII to retake our American base from the Japanese. Lots of parachuting men died in their parachute harnesses, shot as they descended. Others crashed into shrapnel and died on landing. Dad made it. I'm just saying, Dad didn't jump out of that plane so his 5 daughters could have partial rights. This is a strange day for the country. But I love my country, deeply.
  2. How mesmerizing was her testimony today? What a brave and collected young woman! These hearings may have found their John (Joan) Dean. Now let's hear from the documentarian filmmaker.
  3. I hope the men are as disgusted and depressed as the women. Men, we need you...this hardly affects only women! So many lives will be f*cked with, and hurt. Male and female and children. It's going to be bad. Sad. Painful. Please, guys, stand up however you can. And thank you. We'll have your back when it's your turn on the chopping block. ❤️
  4. I am as angry as I was the night trump (supposedly; I still have my doubts) won in 2016. Today I feel bleak, overwhelmed, and almost hopeless. I was in high school when Roe became law, and have lived my entire adult life with protections I couldn't imagine ever being taken from me. I don't know how we reverse this calamitous, dishonest decision. But reverse it we must, and that fight begins, again, with today. Speak your mind. Do whatever you can personally do to support your fellow citizens who have had their right to bodily autonomy summarily stripped away. I'm in California. If an
  5. For all you do for all your children...thank you! Don't think we don't notice all the little acts of love and sacrifice you do to keep us happy and well! Today, just relax and enjoy all the love you're surrounded by, whether you are a father to your own children, or a beloved father figure or loving pet parent. Thank you for being there, dads!
  6. Answering myself here, 😆 these pop out: "Ashes of American Flags" From Family Ghost: "Digging holes and filling them in /I feel so American" "I love my country/ stupid and cruel" from Cruel Country "I am an American aquarium drinker..." "Normal American kids" I know I've just scratched the surface of his identification with being American. I find it fascinating, and brave, the way he embraces and confronts what it means to be a modern American.
  7. With the first public airing of the January 6th committee fresh in my mind, I found myself musing about Jeff's lyrical references to his citizenship over the years. He is very much a product of his country (as are we all) and it's fascinating to me to see the range of emotions that has stirred in him over the years. Think of his lyrics containing the word "American", or his references to "my country". What is the earliest example you can think of? Which of these lyrics resonates most deeply with you? This is a good time for all Americans to consider what it means to us to be an Ameri
  8. Oh damn, Chuck! I'm so sorry. I'm amazed that I managed to go to ssf & didn't catch it. It's such a gamble going anywhere at all. The good news is the latest strain seems less virulent. My daughter caught it while I was away at ssf & had 2 bad days of being feverish and feeling awful, but she is already feeling mostly normal again, and has just had a negative test & plans to start back to work tomorrow. I hope your case is similarly mild and short! 😘
  9. Besides the obvious (Wilco and Jeff) whose sets left you humming tunes later, even days and days later? Who surprised you and left you wanting to dig deeper? For me, one of the standouts was early Saturday, as I was still groggily coming awake. Yes, I know I should be wide awake by 1 p.m. but that's how it goes when you stay up past 4 a.m. yapping and laughing with housemates you haven't seen in 3 whole years! Anyway, I thought Cut Worms did a fantastic set in Courtyard C, following Liam's terrific set. It was a great one-two punch to get the day going! I'll be listening to mo
  10. At least I didn't haul all that rain gear across the continent for nothing! It got well used.😆
  11. Ok, that makes more sense! So plan on 2024!
  12. Wow, what a blur of a weekend! Moments are beginning to swim back in my memory now...little details forgotten in the rush of actually living it. Remembering sitting on the deck above Courtyard C, hanging on to one of the few shady tables on Sunday. Clamboring down the steps we saw 4 guys wearing origami hats made of the big fold-out Mass MoCA maps. We laughed in admiration! I hadleft my hat behind at my lodging when a clear day was predicted...it was scotchguarded against rain...but never had thought it would be hot enough to wish for a hat. So being right next to the museum lob
  13. Wait, Drew...you were at Solid Sound, and I missed you?!! Well dammit! Try again in 2 years?
  14. It's fine to disagree here...just keep it civil and allow for different opinions! And it's remarkably easy to misunderstand each other's meanings in text messages, so try not to make assumptions about each other. --Thanks, the management
  15. Make it stop. Please, help make it stop. Wherever you are, whoever, whatever the means you have...influence, money, a voice, passion on this horrible subject.... Speak up. Speak up! Make it stop. Keep pushing until it stops. Make it stop however you, personally, can. Between us all we'll create the will to end the gun lobby.
  16. I'm a lyrics person...it always has mattered to me that a song had something to say. Didn't have to be deep....sometimes a song is pure silly play, a la "Hoodoo Voodoo". It still says exactly what it set out to say. Which lyrics among these are catching at you, making you pause, making unexpected tears sprint to your eyes, or maybe just flooding you with understanding, from some powerful life experience? I have a few already, and they resonate deeply. Which are yours?
  17. I've barely had time to scratch the surface of this one, and I always need time to let an album with any depth (any Wilco album for instance) really percolate thru my brain and heart. So far all I can say is that there are some lyrics and melodies here that I'm already captivated by.
  18. A terrific cover of a terrific song by VC's own chisoxjtrain.
  19. I was awestruck by Jeff's cover of this!
  20. And leading into our weekend, for those of you lucky enough to arrive Thursday, OHMME will be playing a set at Tourists Thursday at 7:30 p.m. First come first served.
  21. Please note: If you plan to take part in the big group photo under the Wilco letters on Saturday, the time has been moved to 2:00 p.m.
  22. Wilcoes have chosen to gift their excited SSF attendees with an early release of THE FULL ALBUM. Be happy. It's terrific.
  23. So hey, pretty nice surprise on a busy May evening. Small wonder we all love our Wilcoes.
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