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  1. What a horrible position to be in, as you just try to live your life (hard enuf). My heart hurts for everyone in the region.
  2. Putin's reign of terror needs to end. I doubt any of his precious oligarchs could capably step into his position, if he were to um vanish. The oligarchs are all too busy hiding out in their superyachts in the Maldives!
  3. Because I can't ignore it...I'm depressed, furious, proud of Ukrainians, heartbroken for their losses, desperate for good to somehow prevail in this David-and-Goliath story. Anyway let's talk about it. How is this hitting the rest of you?
  4. I'm SO looking forward to his new album! 💗😊
  5. It's probably unfair of me, but I could just never get past their godawful name. Sounds like a blubbery toddler.
  6. I didn't know Justin had done freelance writing. He sure does write good song lyrics!
  7. Norm was terrific, and he even had a surprise guest of his own, his former castmate Jason O' Hara!
  8. But here's a list of the dances. I mean songs. *Key to My Heart not played.
  9. Unfortunately Largo doesn't allow photography during the shows, so I can't show you any of the dazzling performances. 😢
  10. Too many musical losses lately. 😢😢😢 Thanks for the musuc. RIP.
  11. Am I missing a topic, or has everyone stopped reading? I sort of doubt that, but it appears we need a 2022 reading thread so here we are. I've just finished the most amazing and absorbing book about Juana of Castile, who was the last Spanish queen. Her story proves the saying that life is stranger than fiction can ever be. What a life she led, and was forced into...and what sheer strength and resolve and bravery she brought to it. Read this book. I was mesmerized and had trouble even putting it down for at least the last half of the book. Absolutely beautifully written. You'll lov
  12. It has seemed far away for so long that I'm a bit startled to realize that in 4 days I get to see the TWEEDY BAND. OMG, is anybody else going? I need to wash my hair. ID yourselves, I'll make us a list! I'll be somewhere up front (I promise) so please, come and say hi!
  13. May the rock gods be with you! And I hope some good is gotten from your treatments.
  14. So today's mail brought my birthday gift from Jeff...he's a bit late, but we're still in Aquarius, so I'm saying it counts. And look, just like I suspected, I'm his favorite!
  15. He and Cassie were a couple for awhile. Night Shop's 2018 album, "In the Break", is a great place to begin listening. John Stirratt is a huge fan of this album too. I'm just learning the newest album (Forever Night) but I can tell I'm going to love it. The title track is a lot of fun. I'm a sucker for a terrific lyric and Justin always has an interesting perspective! I could listen to him all day. He's also a phenomenal live performer!
  16. Just got home from the most fabulous Record Release Party for the brilliant Justin Sullivan of Night Shop, at Zebulon in L.A, one of my favorite clubs. Anna St. Louis opened with a gorgeous set, and after a break Justin blasted onstage with his band & "Forever Night", the title cut of the newly-released album. The crowd outdoors on the patio quickly moved inside and from there on it was a pure party. SO much fun, damn but he's good! The place was jumpin'! https://youtu.be/CyGKQ4LXq7k My husband and I ran into Justin's former bandmate (Babies) & an alumnus of Sol
  17. Fun listen! Thanks! I love remembering when YHF was new.
  18. Hi Kernel, welcome to Via Chicago! I was going to advise you to post this request in our Tickets sub-forum, called "How to Fight Loneliness", but I checked and saw that you found that & posted there too. Good luck! I know there are some extra tickets floating around out there, so I hope someone can help you out.
  19. Good luck! I hope someone picks up on this.
  20. Have a blast, everyone who can go! I was at the Auditorium Theatre for the last 2 dates of the original YHF tour. How has it been 20 years? I wish I could afford to travel for these!
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