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  1. I’m a big-time fan since 1995 but not a frequent part of this forum. I’m curious if there are folks here in the San Francisco Bay Area considering travel to the shows in Japan. I’ve always wanted to travel there, so this might be the time. Wondering if there might be interest in traveling as a group.
  2. Thank you. I saw it posted on Instagram earlier this week and was looking forward to watching it today, but it's not there now.
  3. Hi. I'm not seeing Episode 218 on Stuffinourhouse. Is it posted somewhere else? Thank you
  4. Thanks for the list. I was there and missed what it was about the ending of Forget the Flowers that prompted Jeff to say that ending wouldn't happen again, to which Nels replied, "I hope not." Jeff said Nels must not be a Green Acres fan. It was really great to see Jeff do his old Hummingbird jog-dance.
  5. May 4, 1999 at Headliners Music Hall in Louisville, KY, was my first Wilco concert. I've been collecting the posters from each later show and this is the only one I lack. Was there a poster for this show? If so, besides ebay, any suggestions on how I might track it down? Thanks
  6. My first post too. Got 2 tickets! Thank you!
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