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  1. ....keep mah uterus out yo f*cking mouth! I attended the Reproductive Rights Rally in Los Angeles today. There were so many moving, passionate, poignant signs being carried, but the one with a Will Smith face and the above comment made me laugh out loud!
  2. Ugh. I despise Ticketbastard. If anybody has an extra pair of decent tickets to San Diego's show, give a holler. I got tickets but I'm not thrilled with them. But tickets in the triple-letter sections (closest blocs of seats) began at almost $200 each! I thought at the presale these were about $60 each, what gives? Note: the presale was just the day before yesterday. I was just checking back, and the few remaining seats in those closest blocs are now listing individually at as much as $409 apiece. Direct from TM, not a secondhand scalper. The ticketing world has lost its mind.
  3. What earlier life experience started Glenn Kotche on his path to becoming Wilco's drummer? 1.) His time in the punk band Spit 2.) The 2 years he worked at a Wilco gas station 3.) His high school career in marching band 4.) Many cross-country trips by Greyhound bus as a child
  4. The beef jerky is done. I've sampled it enough to confidently say, this is an excellent batch. In fact I sampled it enough that I made myself pack it up and put it in the freezer so I wouldn't sample it all.
  5. This war is just wandering bloodletting at this point and headed for some brutally stupid escalation. Putin is seemingly beyond caring that any nuclear action would harm him, as well. I wonder if he knows he is dying, and doesn't give a damned fig anymore. He's clearly ill, likely with Parkinson's, but then again...he has children. Does he care if his children or their mother wind up on a nuclearly-poisoned planet? I guess the big question everyone is guessing at is, exactly how far gone IS Putin? Hitler, at the end, had no particular goal in mind other than to control and dest
  6. This is still breaking my heart. 2022 has been rough so far. Wish I could talk to you about it, Dave. 😘
  7. In a Cruel Country, the right headgear is essential! Jeff has it covered. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2022/05/16/jeff-tweedy-gets-his-hat-back
  8. I lost my mom when I was a young teen. She was just 41. A brain aneurysm. You never get over it but with time you mellow a bit and remember more of the sweet times and less of the sad. Remember her when she was happy, that's all most moms would want. To know that you had felt their love. ❤️ Hugs. The missing never really stops,does it?
  9. Moms of every kind, and any who serve as mother figures, thank you for all you do to support your children, pets, loved ones! Thank you for nurturing in a decidedly unnurturing world. You are all such angels. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
  10. So it's almost time for the sheer joy that is the Solid Sound Festival, and today's big preparatory job is the making of the traditional kidsmoke beef jerky! I'll see you there, and I'll have my beef jerky to share as always! Afterword: Lots and lots of jerky. I seem to have gotten carried away. I blame having to wait an extra year for Solid Sound...it's thrown my rhythm all off!
  11. kidsmoke


    And let us know how it tastes!
  12. This is a really good one. https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/music/a39875586/jeff-tweedy-wilco-cruel-country-interview/
  13. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check what's at my local theaters.
  14. Like I commented over on fb, I am so sick of my life being fouled by evangelicals and skinheads. Like SCOTUS. Well, not all of SCOTUS I guess. But too much of it. I'm just in sick disbelief at today's leak. Women are more than incubators for men's use. I'm not sure what we do about this, but inaction and watching from the sidelines aren't options. I won't allow my granddaughter (or my grandson for that matter) to grow up in a world where this crap is the law of the land. We adults have GOT to put an end to this and protect her generation, as well as protecting every woman
  15. And meanwhile, I've written a haiku. So treasonably Repugs back the lies Unreasonably. OK, I'll keep my day job.
  16. Somebody recommend a currently-in-theaters movie? Pretty much anything but porn will be considered. I'm bored & need out. What should I spend (too much) money on?
  17. I hate how this war has dragged on and on, and all that has been accomplished is a lot of ruined cities and villages and lives. The latest expectations are apparently that Russia will now intensify the terrorism in the Donbas region in hopes of having some "victory" to boast about on Victory Day, May 9th, when they traditionally hold military marches in Red Square. Great. More dead bodies coming right up, both Ukrainian and Russian.
  18. The title song is hauntingly gorgeous. Some of Jeff's prettiest vocals ever and I love John & Pat's backing vocals. Maybe Mikael's too? That swell of voices in the chorus had me going back to listen over and over, mentally teasing the voices and instruments apart.
  19. Judging by the signatures, that must date to 2002. I have those same 4 on mine. I loved that incarnation of the band! Get that framed and hung up!
  20. This is such a hard post because I'm still in disbelief, but this wouldn't be Via Chicago if we weren't all heartbroken over the death today of our beloved longtime member, Dave Mirabella. So Dave, this is for you. Via Chicago salutes the stellar human you were. Nobody ever met you who didn't love you. Rest in peace, never forgotten by any of us. Deepest sympathies to your son and all who loved you.
  21. I really love this one! I'm so proud of Kevin's growth, and of Wilco's support of him through his Solid Sound appearance back in 2017! I've grown to love many of the bands and individuals I've seen at Solid Sound, and Kevin is right up there with those I love best. He continues to prove that Wilco had excellent taste in supporting him! I can't wait to hear this full album!
  22. Dave was dear to me. I'll leave it at that because I still can't even wrap my head around the loss of one of the best people I've ever known. Rest in peace, Dave. I'll be playing your songs up loud in celebration of your life.
  23. This jaunty beauty may be Jeff's funniest song ever! I can already imagine it live. And it tells a story I think every pandemic couple can understand!
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