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  1. Hello everyone. I'm sorry, I haven't been here for a long time. The last time I posted it was in 2013. Wow... It was a long time ago, but of course I've always been a big Wilco fan. I want to say Congratulations on 20th anniversary Via Chicago! Wow! It's amazing! Omedeto! I went to Wilco's concert in Chicago in 2000, Tokyo in 2003, Osaka and Tokyo in 2013, Tweedy concert tour in 2016. All were my GREAT memories. It is very difficult to have a concert abroad now, but I hope they come to Japan again someday and I want to see Wilco and VC members in Japan! Please hope a wonderful year e
  2. It was a nice report Paul as same as before. I wish I could write English more. However it was fun to talk with Paul before the live show. I was in the 3rd row and Paul is next to me. It was so fun to talk with him! Its really nice to see VC members. Hoodoo voodoo was so fun! I cried Jesus, etc because it was so beautiful. All my Japanese fans say "Wilco is the best"!!!!
  3. I was in the 2nd row! It was a wonderful live show. I request "Say You Miss Me". And they played it.I was so impressed. I cried... It was a beautiful. Before the show, I saw John and took a picture together. He was so gentle man. I felt in love him!
  4. I saw Paul and at the live show. It was nice to seeing member of the VC. I was so glad. And now I understand who request. Anyway, thank you for coming to Japan both of you! I hope see you in Tokyo!
  5. Thank you so much! I'll go to Tokyo tonight by overnight bus. Last night was amazing. I'm so excited in Tokyo too!
  6. It was a GREAT GREAT show! I was in the front of row. It was so much fun! Wilco is the best! I was so glad they came to Japan...
  7. Japanese band Quruli is going to play opening in Osaka. Quruli is my favorite band in Japanese band. So, I was so glad to hear this news. Quruli is a good band. I'm so excited this show. Well, I'll go to Osaka and Tokyo 2 nights. I can't wait..!!!
  8. Thank you so much! I have to have carefully so that a ticket may not be lost...
  9. Hello. I got a message about Japan from one of the members of Vic. I sent him messages but I don't know he received or not. I wonder how to reply individual. I tried send him a message but it's displayed that he can't receive a message. I hope he read about this topic and please contact me. I want to help him if I could. Rei
  10. I got both tickets today. A reference number of Osaka is 6!!! So, I'll go to the front row. Yeah!!! I can't believe it! A reference number of Tokyo is 253. It's not bad. It should be a great spring.
  11. Thank you everyone. I love VC members! The nember of the capacities in the hall in Osaka is about 1600 in Standing. Tokyo is about 2500. I think it's not so big and not so small. First of all, I have to get a ticket. Good luck for me.
  12. I hope they will go to South America someday! I understand your feeling because I was waiting for them for long time. My dreams came true, so your dream come true someday!
  13. Yes!!!!!!!! Thank you for your kind message. I must be a panic....!!! ha ha ha I'll enjoy it with all Japanese Wilco fans.
  14. Thank you for remember me!!! I'm SO glad. Yes, She is 2 years 5 months now. She is big now. So, I can go to the concert this time. My mother is coming to my house and stay 2 or 3 days and she will help my kids when I go to the concerts. Thank you mom. (Baby-sitter is a not popular in Japan.) My Wilco fans are so excited too. My friends live in Tokyo and they will come to Osaka too. I live in Osaka and go to Tokyo too. It's nice to see them again at the Wilco concert.
  15. Hello every Wilco fans! Sorry long time no write here. It's a big news for me. Wilco is coimg to Japan again! They will play in Osaka and Tokyo in April. I couldn't go their concerts last time, so I'll go both this time. I can't wait for spring. Somebody come to Japan? Let's enjoy together!
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