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  1. hundreds of votes and a very narrow 53% margin decided the http://www.shovingwilco.com bracket winner!!!
  2. LAST CHANCE TO VOTE in the bracket!!! It's down to the final two fan-favorite songs... https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSecEPT2TAAt4kdwCfweOGDY_hBl0ZSE4B4BWOS-EihhMOaQPg/viewform www.shovingwilco.com
  3. the http://www.shovingwilco.com page will always have the current bracket linked to the banner at the top of the page. here is the SWEET16 bracket: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8ZT0uL5oIzhljycf3N6O5YDz08fGEzMpX86iLtZC3APHGBg/viewform
  4. we've made it to the "SWEET 16" and there's a new round of voting opened up with a new podcast highlighting some of the matchups. Hope you guys are enjoying it!!! www.shovingwilco.com https://open.spotify.com/episode/6j6j8b0H8sauZqTzLe6REc?si=E5f1J1GjTquhpBjanXGoqw&nd=1&dlsi=b87d6fd5751a41f8
  5. thanks for bringing that up! We’ve put it in front of our team and they tell me it’s fixed! Keep voting, keep sharing, and look out for a “Sweet 16” podcast update coming soon… www.shovingwilco.com
  6. UPDATED LINK…. new Round 2 page is live!! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdxN0XxsxzcEBFKjdA8g0mdDNqQVw_N4jxBxUEBpoE7Wn6tmg/viewform
  7. we’re moving on to Round 2 of voting… hope you are all enjoying it!
  8. excited to share a new "SHOVING WILCO" podcast where we've stacked up a MarchMadness-style bracket of our all-time favorite WILCO songs... we're using a GoogleDoc for round-by-round voting and hoping that Wilco fans everywhere will help out by voting and sharing the link around with other fans. Check it out and follow the link at the top of the podcast page ~ March Madness! The All-Time, Indisputable, Totally-Your-Own-Opinion, Greatest Songs Of Wilco Bracket
  9. great stuff, Charles! Hoping to make it to SS this year... a first!
  10. over a decade later and I'm still looking for one of those Hatch Show Prints for my collection. That was a great pair of shows and I had just moved to Nashville. An epic failure to not get there early for the show poster... anybody know where I can buy one??
  11. brand new podcast episode with WXRTs Marty Lennartz discussing the new music!! https://open.spotify.com/episode/5vI29b3GdFI9ALlj8GzmcZ
  12. still got this pair... would love to sell them for face ($80). The show last night at the WILTERN in LA was incredible!!! Don't miss out on seeing them....
  13. hi gang... I've got a sweet pair of GA tickets to the Saturday June 27th show at U.C. Berkeley's GREEK THEATRE. tickets + fees = 97.50 anyone interested??? EMAIL ME
  14. yeah... me too! I NEED 2 for 8/13 BROOKLYN. timarnold@att.net thanks! TMA
  15. nope... he loved music. I was thrilled that got to see him in New Orleans a year before he went "High Lonesome" for good. There's a great documentary about him and his music... I'll try to find the title, but it might be called, simply: "High Lonesome".
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