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  1. great stuff, Charles! Hoping to make it to SS this year... a first!
  2. over a decade later and I'm still looking for one of those Hatch Show Prints for my collection. That was a great pair of shows and I had just moved to Nashville. An epic failure to not get there early for the show poster... anybody know where I can buy one??
  3. brand new podcast episode with WXRTs Marty Lennartz discussing the new music!! https://open.spotify.com/episode/5vI29b3GdFI9ALlj8GzmcZ
  4. still got this pair... would love to sell them for face ($80). The show last night at the WILTERN in LA was incredible!!! Don't miss out on seeing them....
  5. hi gang... I've got a sweet pair of GA tickets to the Saturday June 27th show at U.C. Berkeley's GREEK THEATRE. tickets + fees = 97.50 anyone interested??? EMAIL ME
  6. yeah... me too! I NEED 2 for 8/13 BROOKLYN. timarnold@att.net thanks! TMA
  7. nope... he loved music. I was thrilled that got to see him in New Orleans a year before he went "High Lonesome" for good. There's a great documentary about him and his music... I'll try to find the title, but it might be called, simply: "High Lonesome".
  8. I think you might be surprised how Bill Monroe would respond to this.... he was really a happy, loving guy. He was joyous about music and about musicians and the way they loved his music. e.g., The Granddaddy of Bluegrass said he felt honored when The King of Rock n' Roll played a new arrangement of "Blue Moon of Kentucky" (and Sam Phillips was afraid that he might kill him for recording it!!)
  9. ARE YOU INSANE???? This band is so talented, so musically genius, so in command of their playing.... they are on top of the world and singing songs! I've seen Wilco at all the shows you mentioned.... EL REY, FORD AMPITHEATER, WILTERN, GREEK.... and last night was one of the best I've ever seen! The setlist was immaculate. The performance was spectacular. These guys are the most amazing band making music today (but, I don't have to sell that here at V.C.) I think you're confusing "rythmically tight" with "so talented that they can bend time itself". Glenn is a monster on the drums.
  10. hi gang... I've got 4 tickets together in Sec.C, Row.G, Seats.2-8 check em out: http://www.greektheatrela.com/ticket_info/seating_chart.asp I paid $204 for them (with Ticketmaster charges) can meet at the show. CAN'T WAIT! I heard the Santa Barbara show was incredible!! let me know: timarnold@att.net
  11. I know we all tried this morning... alot of us got nowhere. I'm really hoping that someone would be willing to sell tickets in THE PIT... I wonder if ANYONE bought tix, they'd be so ready to hand over.
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