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  1. This crowd made me sad. I think about all the people who are craving a live show now and can’t experience one for whatever reason; and you have these people completely disengaged from what’s happening on stage. To your point about standing not equaling energy, the couple behind us stood for the entire show, but had loud conversations during all the quiet songs, even Sunken Treasure! Who talks during Sunken Treasure?!?! The people in front of us, who were in the first row, spent the evening having conversations and taking selfies with occasional bouts of dancing during tbe “hits.” And these peo
  2. I will not step on the bbop’s recap, but I will say any lack of excitement during Spiders was due to a lack of energy coming from the audience and not the stage. I said to my friend as they started the song “these people don’t deserve Spiders.” I stand by that statement.
  3. That was my request. And I lost my composure when it started 😂
  4. I got the same impression you did. The show was fantastic and I’m very grateful to have seen it, but it seemed like after 4 consecutive night’s playing with two travel days they were ready for a well-deserved day off. I was thrilled to hear Kamera and Monday, especially with the count in to start the song. I think the energy of the previous night is a lot to ask any band to live up. Night one is easily one of my favorite Wilco shows I’ve ever seen. I loved the bit between Jeff and Glenn vis a vis the rocking. Glenn’s pleading and vulnerable look while Jeff reassured him was priceless
  5. Thank you, Paul! These recaps are making me even more excited for the Northern California shows than I already was.
  6. Great recap, Vince! You really captured the energy of the band and the setting. Seeing your reaction to Bull Black Nova was one of the highlights of the night for me.
  7. I didn’t buy trip insurance, but now I’m wondering if I should. I think if the event gets canceled outright we will get our money back so it might not be necessary. And most airlines are still waiving change fees.
  8. You’re welcome! I love when articles focus on band members other than Jeff. I also can’t wait to hear some of this new music!
  9. https://www.boulderweekly.com/entertainment/the-many-surprises-of-wilco/
  10. Always happy to help with a rationalization, Tyler! I feel so lucky I got to see that show with you and Bridget in this place that is so significant to her. Thanks for, once again, capturing both the details and the feeling of the show, Paul! There were a few times, particularly during Laminated Cat and Handshake Drugs, that I thought all 3 guitarists might bend the necks right off their instruments. I didn’t even see Glenn break his stick. John is such a steady presence in the band that I think his contributions sometimes escape notice. He was so “on” last night! It was so gratifying to
  11. Nice recap, Paul! I always love reading your perspective on shows, even when I’m there myself. And I echo your gratitude for being able to share a room with like-minded folks and the world’s best band. I think you might have more success with the beer thing if Jeff would make that request at a seated venue. It’s too difficult getting in and out at a GA show. Just a theory. In any case, I’ll happily buy you a beer before or after the show in Tulsa. Or Austin. Or St. Paul. Or...
  12. Great recap, Paul! Thanks as always for capturing both the facts and the feel of the show. It’s good to be “home.”
  13. Really nice recap, Joe! Thanks for all of the details about both the music and the banter. I'm hoping the mugshot photo is the next album cover.
  14. Thanks for a great recap, Paul! I always enjoy hearing your perspective on the shows I can't make. Unfortunately, I'm also unable to attend the Canadian run of shows, but hope our friends up there can give us some info. See you at the Vic!
  15. Thank you Paul for, once again, perfectly describing not just the structure of the show, but the mood and feeling of this and all three nights. This was as good as a residency gets IMHO. The shows had a certain something that almost defies description. You could feel the love, gratitude, and generosity from both the band/crew and the fans. It was one of those "my face hurts from smiling" kind of nights. It was positively joyous. I'm so glad I got to be there for these shows, and am particularly happy I got to help celebrate B's birthday. The highlights for me musically were the A.M. tunes, We'
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