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  1. Thanks! I just released my debut album that was recorded entirely on it. If you’d like to check it out sometime, it’s at ryandowningmusic.bandcamp.com -Ryan
  2. Hi all. I bought a 30 IPS professional Tascam MS-16 reel-to-reel in April for sale on Reverb. I had been looking for a working multitrack tape recorder to record my debut album, Pleistocene Dreams. It turns out the machine resided at the Loft, Jay Bennett and Matt Dewine’s Pieholden Suite Sound Studio, and Neal Francis’s private studio. It was used for many recording sessions, including “The Palace at 4 AM” by Jay Bennett and Edward Burch, and some “Wilco demos” that were recorded in 2000ish at the Loft. I bought it, and now it resides in my home studio and is being serviced and
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