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  1. Wow. I just actually looked at my profile and it still says that I'm king of fluffy bunnies. Which made me spew tea out of nose recalling that memory.
  2. ***erp*** found the sangria Played a round of goofy golf. More sangria please.
  3. Wait a damn minute... There's sangria?
  4. Donna I found him in my FB friends but it says his account has been deactivated. So I stand by FB freakout.
  5. No luck on Stardog. I forgot that I changed phones back in June and some things didn't seem to make it over. Could swear I had him friended on FB but can't find him. Possible that he did an FB freakout, like some other people (no names). I dunno.
  6. Doggie and I dm'ed insults (totally normal folks) a little over a year ago I think. Lemme see if I can find him. Maybe.
  7. Hey yeah... Where the hell IS Stardog?
  8. Gato


    Heck yeah the better team won! Braves fan since 1975. And that means I have suffered through many awful seasons. 2021 began as a mediocre season and ended with a championship. Hell of a ride. GO BRAVES!
  9. Hi. I joined right around the time YHF became a download. Just before it's actual release. I stumbled in primarily to find out how to actually get it. Hung out. Made some great connections with good people. Annoyed just about everyone with late night drunken banter. And a bunch of those connections remain intact to this day. This crazy VC thing was always about appreciating love of music, bands, songs, ideas, rumors, hanging out with like minds and yes very much about Wilco. A bunch of us began to drift away. It happens. But I'm really glad this place still remains. Hopefully some other old da
  10. Need your help people! A friend of mine is trying to get on the ticket at Bonnaroo. He needs your votes! Please go here: http://bonnaroo.sonicbids.com/BandDetails.aspx?b=31445 and vote for this crazy mofo and his tuba. There is a sample there to listen to while you are at it. I thank you and crazy Matt (also known as Gameboy) thanks you! I haven't graced this site in many moons and I don't know most of you...BUT....please help!
  11. I suggest that you give "The Salesman and Bernadette" a listen. Mostly because my brother is playing bass on it. And then give lambchop's "What Another Man Spills" a spin.
  12. Thanks. I don't feel a day over 95. But I look it.
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