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  1. Just got tickets to the Lincoln. I'm not too hip on the general admission seating, but it should be pretty cool.
  2. That must be why I was able to get tickets for the pavillion on the first try. Nice. I was at the 2007 show and it was a hell of an entertaining evening. dcd
  3. Also, we can customize the 2010 calendar and republish for 2011. That's what I do for my calendar offerings. Choice is good.
  4. Not in some time, no. I can look at it now, though. Now that I've looked, I can say it is a nice start. Zazzle has a bunch of new products to design for now, though, including Christmas ornaments and drink coasters.
  5. You have some awesome stuff there! Nice work! You should consider setting up your own store and seeing what you can do. Stop giving it away for free on Flickr and make some money. It provides me a nice supplemental income every month. In fact, I made enough this year to pay for a huge hunk of my wedding last month. dcd
  6. We don't have to be limited to just calendars. We can also use the Zazzle Quick Create tool to make t-shirts, mousepads, coffee mugs, post cards, beer steins, magnets, baby clothes, trucker hats, doggie shirts, and cloth grocery bags. I have over 2,000 pages of products, so I'm pretty familiar with how to do it and volunteer to make actual products with folks' donated original photos, art, drawings, sketches, paintings, etc. If we open it up beyond just images for a calendar, perhaps that will spark some creativity. Outside of the Quick Create products, they also now have iPad and iPhon
  7. I got two. Tried internet and phone, internet worked. Was on hold with Ticketbastard until well after 10. dcd
  8. Do they still require passwords for the pre-sales? I'm shooting for the Strathmore show in Bethesda. Can someone PM me the password for the pre-sale for Wed, Jan. 6, if there is one? Thanks, dcd
  9. I will help in anyway that I can. dcd
  10. Well, this might be a long shot, but there are a ton of photogs around these parts that have taken some pretty sweet shots at shows, right? Why not make a VC sponsored calendar? If someone could get permission, it might be a good way for the VC Zazzle store to get some revenue and support the board. Here is one that I made and it is selling pretty nicely. It's available in my Zazzle shop. I can help with assembly, etc., if required. Anyway, dcd
  11. Speaking of t-shirts, one of the guys on Storm Chasers on Discovery HD had a yellow Wilco shirt on in the episode we watched yesterday. They were chasing tornadoes in Arkansas. anyway, dcd
  12. From Jay's Newsletter this morning: Subject: Jay Walter Bennett Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 22:09:43 -0600 Our good friend Jay Walter Bennett left us this weekend. As news hits the wires so instantaneously these days, we thought it was important to share some thoughts about our friend and brother before any rumors got out of hand. First, let it be known that Jay was in a really good place these past few years. He had returned to the area he loved--the
  13. My first car was a silver 1978 Pontiac Grand LeMans. Had good times backroading in that beast... anyway, dcd
  14. Just scored my Wolf Trap tickets, too. Seating Chart you can click on to see what your view will be... I'll be sitting in Front Orchestra, Row U. Didn't get DE tickets. I wish they had will call at Wolf Trap instead of paying $8.50 for shipping when I live 15 minutes away. Ah well... 'tis worth the price of admission. anyway, dcd
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