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  1. can meet anytime before 6pm in the Chinatown/Metro Center area. Drop me a line at yadasacker@Hotmail.com
  2. I got two as well... Looks like I'll be getting in line for this REAL early due to GA.
  3. Would anyone be willing to share this with me?? Is there one? For either the IMP Presale or the Wilco ticketing?? Thanks!
  4. I swore off DAR for literally the past four years and ended up getting third row WEEN tickets there a month or so back, so I went and the sound was actually pretty awesome. They may have finally figured things out for that place with the sound, but it's still an awful place for a rock show. Seats, no booze, lack of energy, blah blah...
  5. Yeah, the Sonic Youth/Wilco show was definitely pretty bad. Unfortunately, in DC bands on the cusp of playing a bigger venue than the 930 have to head to DAR which is a god awful place for a rock show.
  6. I'm going to get flamed, but that was a snoozer of a show for anyone that was at Tuesday night, which ABSOLUTEY ripped by the way. I mean come on guys, you've just dusted off your ENTIRE catalog and you play nearly 2/3rds repeats from the night before. Pretty lame if you ask me.
  7. you heard it here first... the fellas go check out the moon out the back door of the Riveria and it inspires them to encore with More Like the Moon! bingo!
  8. hahaha.. i've posted more tonight than I've posted in the last four years!! things are gonna change, i can feel it!
  9. on a side note, anyone ever have "half baked" ben and jerry's?? wow, what a nice treat while listening to some tunes!
  10. ok... time to dig deep into the shelves and pull out some oldies.
  11. ok... i am an idiot, disregard the last post. i was looking for video, not audio!! hahaha... sorry!
  12. ok... why the hell can't I find the link on wxrt page to tune into the webcast?? am i going crazy here??
  13. I'm not asking them to play their songs different, I'm saying play the other 30 to 40 songs in your catalog minus the same 20. That's it.
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