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  1. "Reissue, repackage, repackage re-evaluate the songs! Double-pack, with a photograph. Extra track and a tacky badge."
  2. Just finished Let Us Now Praise Famous Men a few days ago. Not an easy read, but certainly one worthy of reading. Aside: the song "Emma" by Richard Buckner is based on the "Emma" from this very book.
  3. Great thread. I'd like to add The V-Roys (Scott Miller) song "Fade Away" IIRC, it was written for Scott's sister who had a terminal illness. The lines: choke me up. Every. Single. Time. I saw him perform this song last month in Carrboro, and it was just as powerful then as on first listen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMyWbMm7vd8
  4. Tom did that in 2008. It worked, too, as near as I can tell. As you've stated, each and every ticket was essentially a Will-Call affair. We were issued a paper slip w/ our seat assignment, but this was after we gained entry into the venue by producing the credit card used and our ID, and there was no re-entry if you wanted to step out and smoke. It had its hiccups the first few nights, but I believe they worked the kinks out and it was considered a success. Oh, and those ticket prices? I don't think they even topped $70-$80, and there wasn't any tiered pricing either, which I much prefer.
  5. ^ Love that one! "Mr. Show: The Joke: The Musical" which features Jack Black. (NSFW) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLDGoEh7jqA
  6. The phrases "Too Gross" and "Too Yucky" just popped in my head today, and I was 12 once again. I never knew anyone that owned the Monster Lab, but I did love enjoy the commercials. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyQUvMT7tAw
  7. "Mr. Show", right? I've been DVR-ing this from IFC for the past few mos., secretly hoping to see that episode again. One of my favorite episodes is the one featuring Ronnie Dobbs and his "entitilitis".
  8. Fact: Wilco shows are better when I've seen Paul at them. Case in point: my last Tweedy show in C-ville (Dec. 2010) was arguably *the* Tweedy show to see on that string of dates. And Paul... he was sitting one row in front of me.
  9. Just noticed Zeke Hutchins back there on the drums. Didn't know he played w/ them—he's ubiquitous. I've seen him play countless times with Tift Merritt, and he's also playing the role of Mr. Tift Merritt as well. Lucky rascal.
  10. I did too, only Sarah was fighting the flu at the Durham show, and was squirreled away in the bus/van for the duration of the show. I'm glad I'll finally get to see the "real" Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion. The show I saw was forgettable, and it wasn't because I was stoned, either. Even though I was.
  11. Is this the same Larry Campbell that used to tour with Dylan and his NET band?
  12. ^^ What a quirky performance by Poor Baby Pree. Not sure if I'd want to stick around for an entire set, but I liked the video. I'll say it again, we need some Aziz at Solid Sound II. Aziz Ansari "Craigslist Ad" edit: (NSFW, unless you have headphones on)
  13. As far as comedy goes, I'd love to see Aziz Ansari perform. That guy cracks me the eff up.
  14. If you're discreet about it, you should be fine. And be sure to use Dixie Cups. We were never bothered last year.
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