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  1. You have the power to say all that I wish to say just a minute before... The Euro leftists...
  2. "Blankets,dogs and fireplaces..." Sam Shepard It´s the way my husband and I love to call the winter.
  3. When´s Thanksgiving Day this year? I think the day changes every year,but I´m not sure
  4. Really sorry to hear about it,and in some many ways happy for you and your family,because I think every one of this amazing dogs are made for God to bless us. As I´ve told you, my Rita had surgery yesterday for a liver biopsy.Our vet decide to extract her spleen,where she had a big tumour.She´s recovering very well (more or less, she´s 12 years old) We´re all expecting not to hear "cancer",but we´re trying to be strong and give her the best in the next future. Anyways,I´m still sad for my Loiro,who left us two years ago,so... The smile of God,that´s the name I have for their open mouths...the
  5. -Tour Eiffel (better in the night) -Musèe D Orsay -Père Lachaise cemetery,one of the most beautiful,romantic and suggestive places in the whole world (IMO).Be sure to have a couple of hours to enjoy it,and fingers crossed:do you know what´s the best secret of french people?... It´s ALWAYS raining in Paris
  6. yelling HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Froggie? Are you,people,losing our best VC traditions?
  7. I´m very proud of being one of those,we are the fortunate to met you,P.Hope to see you soon,with or without Wilco.
  8. OK,guys,we´re at home and my strong little princess came back to the school yesterday,plenty of health with a big smile,and very happy to show her red eye to her classmates (she looks like a vampire,haha,and she´s very proud about). Everything was perfect,and the doctors were surprised with Carmen:no cry,no complaints,really an amazing little girl. Again,thank you all,me and my family can feel all your vibes and prayers from Chicago,Australia,NJ or Germany...you´re not only the best fans in the world,but an awesome group of friends! Much love from Spain, Bea
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