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Wilco — 2 October 2022, Memphis, TN (Radians Amphitheater at Memphofest)

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I’m no Bbop but since I was there I’ll try to give you a flavor of this festival and Wilco’s setlist. It was a 3-day festival set in the Botanical Gardens in Memphis. Apparently the festival has morphed a bit. It used to known by another name and was held elsewhere in town, but they seem to have settled on Memphofest in this location. There were two stages, one larger than the other and not too far apart, and they alternated set times so theoretically you could have seen all the acts on the bill if you didn’t care where you stood. No chairs allowed, and it was a late festival running from around 2:00PM-11:00PM all three days. The Black Keys headed the lineup on Friday, with Widespread Panic headlining Saturday and Sunday. Wilco had the slot just before WSP on Sunday. 


I’d call it a fairly standard festival setlist, but it was unusual to see them play in broad daylight, and kind of fun for that reason. The crowd was very light on hardcore Wilco fans. Several people I chatted with were barely aware of the band. Jeff didn’t make any remarks until after the first 4 or 5 songs, and it was just the usual joshing around with the audience. I can’t recall anything specifically notable. As they got down to the last few songs, he stopped and said  “Now this is the point in the show where some bands would tell you ‘We’ve still got a lot of show left’  but they would be lying. We’ve just got time for a few more songs for you.”


So here was the setlist as played. Started at 4:20, ended at 6:00. I didn’t see a printed setlist so I don’t know if there were any additions or deletions.


Handshake Drugs

I Am My Mother

Cruel Country

I Am Trying to Break Your Hesrt


War on War

Via Chicago

Many Worlds (coda only)

Story To Tell


Bird Without a Tail

Jesus etc.

Impossible Germany

California Stars

Falling Apart (Right Now)

US Blues (Grateful Dead)

I Got You



It was a fun set, with the highlight (for me) being US Blues, since that was the first time I’d ever seen them play that in person. They looked loose and happy.


During the show a young couple asked if I was going to the “after show”? What? Turns out they were headed right after their set to the local Memphis station WYXR, where Pat does a show called Baroque Down Palace. Some friends and I hustled down right after Wilco’s set (sorry, didn’t need another night of WSP anyway) and were able to watch-and vaguely hear-the boys crammed into a tiny space for a very casual chat followed by 4 songs:


Passenger Side (which Jeff mentioned was recorded in Memphis)

Ripple (Grateful Dead)

Death of the Last Stripper (by Terry Allen)

Lifetime to Find


The songs were interspersed with questions and answers which were not really audible to the crowd gathered outside the glass window, but it was a really special treat to just watch the boys in such an intimate space. You can listen here. Https://crosstown-od.streamguys1.com/wyxr/20221002190006-40-768-komorebi-hour-wyxr.mp3?forcedownload=1


Now it’s time to check out of my Airbnb and begin the drive down to New Orleans, where I suspect I won’t be the only one in attendance who can provide show details!

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