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  1. Hello! Kidsmoke asked me to post a piece I wrote about the anniversary. I had to sell my tickets to all three Chicago shows at the last minute due to some health issues, but I had some stuff to say. Thanks! https://robind.substack.com/p/i-am-an-american-aquarium-drinker?s=w
  2. So many of the best people in my life came from VC and everything that sprang from it. And it just keeps giving. Donna, thanks for keeping the fire stoked for all of us.
  3. I unfortunately have to change my plans and can't make it to this Friday's Chicago-area drive-in show. Face value ($348) OBO. Thanks!
  4. I have an extra for Thalia Mara Hall. Upper balcony, section 2, seat 9. Face value is $50. It's a Ticketmaster electronic ticket transfer. Thanks!
  5. Awesome! I just emailed you. Getting the ducks in a row. Thanks!
  6. Update: Got 'em! Just that. Thanks!
  7. You know what? I still try to fold my scrap aluminum foil into little sculptures.
  8. I was at the show and I'm still shaken/seething from that person in the front row. The initial request to play something for Jay was ... tone-deaf. But to keep badgering Jeff about it was just awful. It didn't do anything to honor Jay's memory - just dredged up the bad stuff. Thanks for the update, Paul. I was 11th row, center, and couldn't hear what the woman in the front was saying. From Jeff's answers I assumed she was clueless and had no idea what was being discussed. The person who yelled the initial request was sitting fairly close to me. And some dude behind me kept yelling, "Jay Farr
  9. Bob was, indeed, wonderful, and he'll be very missed around the neighborhood. About ten years ago he pretty much filled the underage section at a St. Louis show with kids from Big Brothers and Big Sisters. He always came out to Jeff's shows in St. Louis, and they'd always play "Casino Queen" for him because it was his favorite. Two years ago Bob was hospitalized when Wilco played here. He was so bummed to miss the show, so they made a soundboard recording for him. There were lots of cheers for Bob from the crowd through the night. At 81 and three decades into Jeff's career, he was still going
  10. It was an honor to be able to go on behalf of VC today. Bob passed surrounded by his family, who held him through the very end. In the days leading to his passing at home, he was visited by so many loved ones. Jeff and Spencer played music for him. He left this world knowing how very well-loved and important he was. I was acquainted with Bob from living in the same neighborhood. He was a character, a hoot, and a very sweet person. He and I were regulars at the same neighborhood bar and grill. The year "The Whole Love" was nominated for a Grammy, he was adamant about giving the restaurant ma
  11. Considering the experiences I've had with Ticketmaster over the past few days (yesterday they sent the wrong password, and today their software didn't recognize that yes, I had entered a credit card to cover the $14 not covered by gift cards), and the fact that they sold me non-existent seats to Springsteen last October, I've decided that scalpers and Stub Hub are more responsible and scrupulous. I've never used StubHub or bought from scalpers but at this point, I'm having difficulty seeing how Ticketmaster's any better on moral grounds. Between the jacked-up fees and increasing bad custome
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