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  1. Just bought a Plimsoul pedal - flippin great!
  2. It's my favorite version. Hendrix sound like a god proclaiming from the skies - and I still marvel at that guitar solo. Yes, I think "The Jimi Hendrix Concerts" was the first Hendrix I bought when I was a young 'un. Mostly all great performances (I'd say Hey Joe is marred by the radio interference, but otherwise good).
  3. I personally would love to see footage of him at work in the studio, if any of that exists.
  4. I'm fairly out of it on the Hendrix releases, but I wonder -- what hasn't been released by now?
  5. Wow, this thread is still going. And sadly I no longer have any of the gear I posted in 2006. I miss the Martin the most.
  6. Sam Prekop - self titled and The Church - Starfish (I forgot how good this band could be)
  7. When I watched the documentary about Dr. Bronner's Soap, http://magicsoapbox.com/ I noticed that there was footage of him at the enlightenment center (whatever it was called) - same one featured on Rainbow Bridge. I wonder if the footage is from the Rainbow Bridge film, or an outtake of some sort. edit: oops. I guess youtube confirms this.
  8. Mitchell had to re-do drums for the Rainbow Bridge film? Not too surprising. I really wish the audio was better all around for those sets. I really enjoy watching the film. Jimi Hendrix playing to a bunch of new agey hippies on Maui? Ah the 70's!
  9. It has been forever since I've posted in this forum. Tweedy was in good form last night. I especially enjoyed all the David Lee Roth banter.
  10. I remember hearing an interview with (I think) both Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell in 1983 when King Biscuit Flower Hour did a kind of tribute to the Experience, especially 1983 (a Merman I Should Turn to Be). Does anyone know if this interview is floating around the web anywhere? I've looked for it but so far no luck.
  11. yo *crickets* http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=1024146&content=music
  12. Oh. I guess I am too late, lol. Well if anyone wants to use this cover art, this is what I came up with:
  13. I'll see what I can do as to creating some cover art. I'd love to hear the recording. -James
  14. Photos, really great ones: http://www.hollycarlylephotography.com/Blog/?p=1040
  15. ok, Jesus, etc. I only remember Jeff encouraging singing on one song. What's wrong with people singing to the songs is 1) They are not "quiet" 2) They are not on key 3) They are not Jeff Tweedy. I paid money for my tickets too & that was so my wife and I could enjoy hearing Jeff Tweedy play a solo set in a nice theater.
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