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  1. yeah it would have! Enjoy. Ticket still for sale by the way!
  2. This ticket is still available for the amazing low price of $130!
  3. I can't make it this year because I ended up choosing Roger Waters in Vegas. Selling for less than early bird price. $130. Pm or email azmark1975 @ yahoo
  4. This. Also, the people who wanted more of a greatest hits set...maybe you should have seen them at every other show over the last I dunno decade? Christ. This band is so versatile. Unreal. Every time I think i'm finally bored with them they do something fresh, fun and awesome. I regret backing out so much right now but I had no choice, school and other travel got in the way. I must hear this set!
  5. Oh shit, you are right! NOW I remember lol. Good call. Thanks for the reminder man.
  6. Hi friends. I attended the fest the first year and was planning on returning this year. I was wondering about how the shuttle from Boston works for people who decide to camp at the festival. I see the campground closes on Sunday afternoon which means people who drive have to pack up camp and put their stuff in their car before entering the festival on Sunday. What about people who take the shuttle and camp? Are they expected to carry around their tent until the 7PM shuttle pickup back to Boston? Also, is there a place to buy a tent, sleeping bag etc. in N. Adams? I don't recall seeing a
  7. indy, I confused Rising Red Lung with One Sunday Morning lol. Good call. I don't know where I came up with Red Eye and Blue to be honest. Thanks for the corrections. I also have tickets to the show in in Palm Desert and at the Hollywood Bowl. Though i'm starting to reconsider the Hollywood Bowl show because it's a Sunday night and I live in Phoenix. I love that venue though. Have they been ignoring Wilco the Album regularly? I approve. It's the only album I don't spend much time with and I like Solitaire and Country Dis. but the rest of the album does little for me.
  8. I am too impatient to wait for the offical thread so here I am. This was probably my 20th show or something I Definitely in the top 3. This suprised me because I just saw them in January in Tempe, AZ and it was good but not great. The last time Wilco played Tucson was on The Album tour and that was their first time in Tucson in a decade or something. The crowd was pretty dead at that show and I credit part of that too the venue ushers telling people to sit and smug hipsters who kept yelling at people to sit down. People seemed to remember that this time and this show was the Tucson Conv
  9. Oh shit, time to feature Nels some more....the solo in this song is insane.
  10. Such a great guitarist. The best. He totally swoops you up and takes you on a ride at the end of this song.
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