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  1. I won't pretend to know how it works but I've seen many shows there and this was the first time I've seen seats all the way to the front with no pit area. Ryan Adams, Stone Temple Pilots, Beck/Cage the Elephant/Spoon, Father John Misty and Social Distortion all had a pit. I was really surprised that there wasn't, and shocked at the disparity in price point on some of the tickets. Even within the same section. Seats that were 20 feet away from were literally double price from those just a few rows back. Sometimes within the same row even. I expect there to be some, but the gap was bizarre
  2. Really loved it, took a first timer who loved it too. The ticket prices for this were insane, but that's this venue. But about 3 songs in, Jeff invited everyone down and all bets were off. And I was pleasantly surprised at how cool and civil everyone was, including venue staff. Sucks if you paid a premium price for a ticket for no reason I guess, but it was nice that in a venue with no GA, everyone was given free reign to just go wherever they wanted. Great set, fun banter, and probably the first I've been to in years where the entire crowd was super cool. Not a drunken dick to be foun
  3. Not going to make the Cain's Ballroom show. Have a pair of hard tickets I'm trying to offload for face value and shipping only.
  4. Mine came today, but the initial tracking showed it wasn't expected til next week as well. You may see it yet.
  5. I've been to Cain's only once for Band of Horses. This was also "a few years back" in my mind - and now I'm not looking up the actual date thanks to the above post.
  6. The pricing for this show is absurd and erratic. Down front some seats are 80 (plus fees) per ticket, and then seats in the same row and section, but 2-3 seats down, are $180. Some seats in the first 4-5 rows are ~$275 per ticket. This is a relatively new venue and this has been my experience every time, I can't stand it there. The cheapest decent seats are literally double priced for a pair than I paid at Cain's the night before in Tulsa.
  7. Local H Wilco Stone Temple Pilots (to 2001) Frank Turner Rolling Stones The Wallflowers Okkervil River My Morning Jacket Ryan Adams Beck Nirvana The National Pearl Jam Two Gallants The Killers Great Lake Swimmers Airborne Toxic Event White Stripes Fleet Foxes David Bowie The Echo Friendly The Men NIN Oasis Spoon Father John Misty Smashing Pumpkins Toadies Scott Lucas and the Married Men Queens of the Stone Age
  8. Great set, great seats, great time. Hate what a trial it is to get tickets for MacFarlin but it is a cool venue. Haven't seen them the last 2-3 years so it was nice.
  9. Local H (my favorite by far) Buffalo Trace Cooler Heads Sad History Creature Comforted The One With Kid
  10. Well I got up at 6am for this, drove an hour and a half to Good Records through Dallas rush hour and waited another hour in line for this. And while I sincerely do appreciate the gesture because this is a very cool move, the tickets that were available were not as advertised. They aren't "great seats, second only to the band's fan club" at all. Every ticket was up in the balcony. I grabbed a pair just to be safe since it's a small venue, but I'm going to try tomorrow morning for something closer on the floor. Also a big shout out to the scalpers in line leaving actual fans in the back go
  11. Good to know, I'll give that a shot. Because I refreshed right at 10 and everything was gone
  12. Would love to hear more about the double female throat option? Asking for a friend.
  13. Anyone else see this yet? Amazing film. Hate it Here (as well as a Tweedy track) definitely on the soundtrack. There's a scene where Ethan Hawke and his son are listening to Hate it Here on the radio driving down a highway and he's explaining the song to him and praising the production. Cool scene.
  14. Best line of the night for me was, "That's the thing about being famous, you constantly have to remind people who you are."
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