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  1. saw 'em in philly and was real impressed definitely looking forward to hearing more of their work
  2. the song blows, as far as i'm concerned plodding, pointless, bloated, self-absorbed "a song that thought too much of itself right out of the box" is a terrific way to put it!
  3. the all-timer for me was Yes at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City on a Thursday night ... got home at like 5 a.m. ... went to school ... left school and went straight to the train station and into NYC for the Schaefer Music Festival Starcastle / Gentle Giant gig that started at 5 o'clock in Central Park did three shows in three nights last spring ... and all three shows were in different states
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1E6zIFbYGk
  5. Tommy has about a thousand other perfect pop songs, too ... & he's still putting out great music he's gotta be one of the most underrated songwriters/guitarists/singers in pop music history
  6. I saw him in St. Louis with Brian Henneman. He was OK, didn't strike me as anything special.
  7. love the pix demos & mitch especially man, those guys just bring it, don't they? and kevin -- i never dreamed he'd be such a powerhouse after not playing for so long his fills in smothered in hugs were mighty i fucking love this band
  8. was indeed mind-blowing i thought on a different level than the 9:30 club show a couple weeks ago one of the best rock shows i've ever seen this band is a fucking powerhouse and they just blast out hit after fucking hit closer you are. motor away. echoes myron. game of pricks. unleashed: large-hearted boy. my impression now. exit flagger. shocker in gloomtown. i am a scientist. tractor rape chain. smothered in hugs. one after another they just keep coming at you like a fucking bulldozer i still prefer gillard-era GBV for the sheer variety of stuff you got at the live shows, but t
  9. so I guess I shouldn't request Cheyenne?
  10. couldn't agree more if i remember in washington, they did cut-out witch, bright paper werewolves and don't stop now? and that's it? from under the bushes? how cool would have underwater explosions been. or official ironmen rally song, man called aerodynamics, lord of overstock, rhine jive click -- damn, any of 'em something off the beaten track would have been great but no complaints, it was a really good show hey, am i delusional or did cut-out witch not have the guitar intro?
  11. was at the D.C. show last night they sounded great. was a hell of a lot of fun. loved every minute of it that said ... on the way home i was thinking that as much as I love that lineup & those records, I think I prefer late-period GBV when it comes to live shows for two reasons -- first, those shows were always so unpredictable. you would get 10 songs in a row from 10 different bands or lineups -- Storm Vibrations, then Subspace Biogrpahies, Time Machines, Liar's Tale, Little Lines, Stifled Man Casino, Run Son Run, Pricks, Chasing Heather Crazy. I loved that about late-period GBV. The
  12. great little studio Brian has picked up where Adam Lasus left off when he moved to California and recorded some amazing (mainly Philly) bands The Lilys Bardo Pond The Trolleyvox Bigger Lovers Capitol Years A Sides Danielson Matt Pond PA Mazarin Trouble with Sweeney rock 'n' roll
  13. i haven't heard cubehouse yet. need to pick it up, but really haven't heard anything overwhelmingly positive about it, other than from the kool-aid drinkers on DTS who say everything is great because they think it will make bob their friend zero to 99 is great. planets is pretty good. the solo stuff? the last three (elephant jokes, we all got out of the army and moses on a snail) are just brutal. the last great solo record was FaCE - although i dig a lot of normal happiness - and the last even decent one was crawling distance. IMHO
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