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  1. I made a dee-lish mushroom casserole that is a riff on stuffed mushrooms (Thank you Smitten Kitchen). Served it alongside some pan-roasted salmon and a green salad. Yum. I'm calling it "Mushunderstood"
  2. I'm finally going to use up some of the airline credits I accumulated from canceled trips in 2020. In mid-May, I'm traveling to Atlanta for my nephew's HS graduation and a mini family reunion with my brother's family and my parents. It'll be the first time seeing my mother in well over a year. Like you said, Donna, just looking forward to some normalcy!
  3. Got my first dose of Pfizer this morning! Only side effects so far have been overwhelming sense of gratitude and hope for the future.
  4. Episode 156. It was a joy to see this!
  5. Holy moley this Boulder show is incredible! That version of Misunderstood... bananas.
  6. I received a copy from the Nora Jones live stream and another from Offerman this week, and I had already purchased a copy before those events were announced. And now I have three... So, if you would like one, I'd be happy to send it to you.
  7. On the NPR page: 4. Jeff Tweedy: "Love Is The King" from Love Is The KingVIDEO AVAILABLE AT 9AM ET
  8. Here's the link to tickets. https://tourgigs.com/show/jefftweedy-20200918/ Can't wait for some Tweedy!!!
  9. That's always been one of my favorite live performances from Wilco. Thanks for posting this.
  10. As part of the 9:30 Club's 40th anniversary, NPR is streaming over 100 shows. Here's Wilco from February 2008 right after their Grammy win. Lots of good banter! https://www.npr.org/2008/02/27/19271953/wilco-john-doe-in-concert I regret having never seen them at this fantastic venue.
  11. That was so great. I'm sobbing like it's Sunday on Joe's field. Worse even.
  12. Agreed. Just cancel. This waiting to see if shows are going to be rescheduled is really hindering refund process.
  13. A friend just sent me this. Looks like fun. Tune in TONIGHT to stream the world premiere of The Second City’s brand new show with streaming service Topic! Produced entirely remotely from our basements, bedrooms and bunkers, this weekly series features a line-up of The Second City’s finest alumni and famous friends for a mash-up world of original sketches, musical performances, animation, and rare Second City footage from the vaults. Tonight’s premiere is hosted by Jack McBrayer with musical guest Jeff Tweedy of Wilco and special guests Fred Willard and Saff from Netflix’s Tiger Kin
  14. Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives
  15. This would be the most kidsmoke thing ever.
  16. My nextdoor neighbor stopped by one day and gave me a copy of a AM. He said some kid he rode the bus with in grade school had a new band and I might like it. He was right.
  17. I like the sound of this! Thanks for the heads up.
  18. We'll find a way regardless To make some sense out of this mess
  19. Today my 82-year old dad called to tell me about his trip to Atlanta. At the airport, he saw a bunch of musicians with their guitar cases. He walked up to them and asked, "Are you Wilco?" One of them replied, "No, but I wish to hell we were!" Good ol' Dad.
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