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  1. Been a regular reader since the start and a member since 2009, but for whatever reason have only posted a few times. Reading this, though, really struck a chord. Just felt like a microcosm of everything that makes the community around this band special. I’m happy for you and everyone that helped you pull it off, as well as the rest of us who get to enjoy the story.
  2. First show of the tour and first post-COVID show other than Treehouse, which felt more like an event planned specifically for me for getting through the past year. So it was joyous seeing them again for the first time in almost two years and there were numerous highlights, most notably the encore, but at a some point during the night (most likely in a moment that I was thoroughly enjoying), it hit me that bbop completely nailed his review of the Philly show. It's all so subtle, but it came down to the people who I know where there seeing them for the first time. I kept thinking th
  3. I've seen the band many times over the last 12 years, but all the shows have been on the East Coast. I've always wanted to get to a Chicago show, but it's never happened. I'm thinking of going in October, but was wondering that at this point in their career, what the hometown crowd would be like - especially at a large venue. With other bands, I've seen it go both ways. The local crowd could be the best or in other cases the worst, since there could be a lot more casual fans who are just there for the event. Anyone have any idea what it will be like at UIC? - Thanks
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