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  1. Thanks for reading. And good to see you down there, Tim. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to chat longer. I’m sure you got some great shots, though. Looking forward to your recap.
  2. Since it’s technically not a Wilco song, I don’t know if I can rank it in my top five Wilco songs. But I would if I could. And it’s been a highlight of the set since they started playing it more regularly the past couple of years.
  3. Yes, first time by the “full” band. Jeff mentioned it afterward. I had it in my original post, but that was in the part that disappeared. I will add that and a few more paragraphs in tonight.
  4. When you consider all of the challenges of putting on an international gathering during a global pandemic and all of the back-and-forth in recent weeks over whether people would come or should come, if refunds should be offered, if the event should be cancelled or postponed, how many people would test positive and be forced to quarantine, what acts would drop out and everything else, I suppose you could say that it was a minor miracle that the second edition of Wilco's Sky Blue Sky festival happened at all, much less happened and left people wanting more. And yet I think that is wh
  5. But it's just the two of us amigos talking to each other — and into the larger abyss — here, isn't it?
  6. (Parking this thread temporarily whilst I try to overcome festival fatigue...) I'll admit, it's personally been a slightly stressful few weeks leading up to Sky Blue Sky 2022 in terms of trying to figure out whether the festival was still going to take place, whether or not to make the trip, taking precautions to avoid a positive test and so forth. When the event's status was cloudy and then some previously announced acts began to drop off the bill, I thought surely that 82-year-old Mavis Staples wouldn't trek down to Mexico this time. Why take the risk? But as the proceedings got
  7. I was going to circle back and combine the two Metro shows into one post, since I sort of slacked off on writing about those shows (and Susie live streamed the whole thing). But it's fine.
  8. Yeah, I have that info as well but just haven't notated it yet. I'm sure about 10 people other than you and me care, haha.
  9. Well, Mavis was wearing a Tweedy Show T-shirt so I should have guessed that the live stream was on. Go ahead and post what you want. I already posted the complete setlist. It'll take me a few hours later to actually write something coherent.
  10. I feel like I should really title tonight's recap "Wilco and friends," but whatever you want to call it, it will be pretty hard to top this second of three Wilco sets at the second edition of the Sky Blue Sky festival. Not only were there no repeated songs from the previous night's set, as well as a number of middle-tier rarities, but of course the presence of guest vocalists Mavis Staples, Kurt Vile and Sophie Allison and a couple of other cameos elevated this show to another level. The appearance of the 82-year-old Staples for the two-song encore of You Are Not Alone and Freedom
  11. Well, Covid is certainly no laughing matter and leading into this week's second edition of the Sky Blue Sky Festival, I'm sure Wilco was desperately hoping not to have to come up with a punchline to the joke-like query of how many people does it take to replace a band member who tested positive and could not perform. But when keyboardist Mikael Jorgensen unfortunately did just that a few days ago, that's exactly what the headlining act had to figure out — and, no pun intended, pronto. The answer, as it turned out was up to three people, namely the trio of Liam Kazar, his sister Sim
  12. I forgot how to do this, haha, but I'm parking this thread for now whilst some eyes are shut for a few hours... Just a few words for now, though. What to say about this sold-out show that happened despite an eerie feeling of Covid déja vu as more than a few people who had tickets decided not to attend out of an abundance of caution amid this recent Omicron variant surge and a number of venues in town decided to close through the end of the year and postpone scheduled events on their calendars? It was certainly an interesting one, as always, coming on Sammy Tweedy's 22nd birthday —
  13. Haha, that sounds like me. Once a lightweight, always a lightweight...
  14. Bridget! Long time...great to see you back here, if only for a second. And yeah, I can't believe how many of us were at those R.E.M. shows at Red Rocks. What a time. Back when Red Rocks was still the old Red Rocks (people lining up all day), right?
  15. For that I can take no credit. That was all srmt…remember when she used to post on here? And I know Jeff lurked on here back in the day…
  16. I eagerly await the Master of Culture’s alumni dissertation on the merits of Internet message boards.
  17. Woo hoo! Being There Coffeehouse mugs 2.0 (fingers crossed)!
  18. Hey I heard that this place was turning some milestone birthday today, so I figured I should chime in and annoy you all as usual. Truth is, I don’t think I was quite around here at the very beginning but I’m quite glad that this place still exists (if only as a counterpoint to that annoying social media site whose name shall not be uttered)! This place basically coincides with my own Wilco fandom, so I’ve met a ton of friends on here since I first arrived — some of whom are still around and many of whom haven’t been on in years probably. But I’m grateful for you all. And I’m gratef
  19. I know Tatlock likes it when I throw in the occasional photo, so here’s one I snapped of the stage during the big ensemble finish…
  20. I'll probably get to writing something about this "show" at some point, but it won't be a full recap since Wilco was only a part of a few songs. Basically, the format was each inductee had a short video tribute, then was introduced by a fellow artist and gave an acceptance speech followed by a few songs spotlighting their work — either performed by the inductees themselves, or by other artists with or without the inductees or with the house band, which was led by Lloyd Maines on pedal steel (who, as Jeff noted, played on A.M.; for the record, he was on four songs — It’s Just That Simple, Blue-
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