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  1. Not sure I'm asking this question properly but....I have a room in my house that has awesome acoustics and I want to capture the "room" sound with the right mic. I have an SM 58 but it obviously doesn't do justice. Any ideas? I am recording on a Korg D3200 studio. Any input out there would be appreciated!
  2. Hey, thanks everyone. Very helpful stuff.....
  3. Hey, Anyone know what kind of sound hole pick up Jeff uses in concert?
  4. I guess I'm getting too old for fan sites. Same old shit all the f'n time.
  5. Jeff is definately a funny dude (what I hate about r'n' r' and what I like about it). It amazes me how much material he keeps cranking out. I keep expecting the quality of what he does to fall off and then he comes out with something that's unexpected. I like the way he keeps you guessing. I guess that's what I dig about Wilco so much, you never know what your going get as far as style or emotion.
  6. The first time I tried to sign up I used acuff-rose. Thanks for helping out. My email address is scottdouglas@fuse.net.
  7. I have signed up twice now for the bit torrent site and was told that I would recieve an e-mail to enable me to log in. I've never gotten that e-mail either time. Any suggestions? I'm sure I gave a valid e-mail address. I don't know what else could be the problem.
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