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  1. The heat is broken in my apartment and it's hovering around 45 degrees in here, but the sweet tunes and good cheer warmed me heart and soul tonight-- thanks guys!
  2. This one is gonna be rocking, hopefully with horns. Always better live.
  3. Man, they're leaving few stones unturned for tomorrow night! But does this count as an album song?
  4. Because he can't do the laundry, supposedly. Lol!
  5. This song really lends itself to the horns.
  6. 27 nothings? A conservative estimate maybe, if the crowd is into it.
  7. I had to work last night so I couldn't get there until a little after 7, but I still got a good spot on the main floor in the closest section. Just a little off to the side. But hey, it was a nice view of Pat Maybe I lucked out.
  8. I'm literally crying a little bit. I'm going tomorrow, but they'll never play Hotel Arizona a third night.
  9. This thread moves so fast it's hard to keep up. But then, I'm slow and easily distracted by good music in my ear.
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