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  1. like i said your a good man hollinger
  2. cloudstastemetalic@yahoo.com
  3. if someone would be so kind as to send me the new album i will share as well
  4. come on guys, just a hint!
  5. im not a new member and can i say HOllinger you are a great man. cloudstastemetalic@yahoo.com
  6. cloudstastemetalic@yahoo.com I would LOVE to hear the new album thanks
  7. Would you be willing to sell 1 of those tickets? Please let me know at cloudstastemetalic@yahoo.com
  8. shit. this is a great song. didnt jay write this??
  9. Yeah that would be cool to hear Too Far Apart.
  10. I hope they play poor places tonight.
  11. i like it when nels sticks closer to the guitar solo he played on the album for this song.
  12. i really like this song but im not gonna buy the chelsea walls soundtrack for this track alone. If somebody posted this song it would be much appreciated. thanks
  13. how do people get to listen to wilco during their soundcheck?
  14. i would love it if someone would post this song. thanks
  15. it sez over at wilcoweb.com that the new dvd can be viewed for free this monday from 9:00 pm- 12:00 pm on wilcoweb.com.
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