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  1. I'm sorry, but you just sound like an asshole yourself.
  2. where can i find the AM and Summerteeth demos? THANKSKSKSSKKSSKSKSKkorktiophjtpjiotpiot thank you
  3. billie is a genious in his own right. though i expected a reaction like that from a wilco fan. i hate the eyeshadow too.
  4. thats the version with the distorted guitars and effects in the beginning, right? then what its the clean version with the acoustic, timpanis, shakers from?
  5. the most geniously expressive musicians are not completely mentally sound anyway. john lennon was a mess. billie joe armstrong suffers from panic disorders and maybe depression. etc etc and so on
  6. I'm sifting through my mp3s trying to organize the YHF Demos to throw on my mp3 player when I came across 3 versions of "Kamera". I am all set on figuring out which one was track 18 (alternate version) on the demos, but which one is track 6? the one with the timpanis and shakers or the droning guitars? are these both from the yhf demos? so confused. please help. thanks.
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