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  1. If I did my math right, we got 59 songs in two nights. Pretty damn special if you ask me. 36 Nothings!
  2. I don't have the set list, so I am not starting it but - two things to say: 1/ opened with Ashes! and two: Dreamer in my Dreams in the acoustic... and that is just the tip of the ice berg. I thought it was a decent bit better than last nights show and last nights knocked the ole socks off... Wow, great showing. Bigger encore as well - with a great Casino Queen!
  3. Great time, great show - a marathon for sure! Highlights for me were: -The transition from the stripped down set back to normal in Airline to Heaven... loved how everyone grabbed the tambourines (minus Jeff and Nels) and moved backward - sounded really smooth. -Via Chicago: Every time I see them play it live, I remember why I love the song so much. Jeff playing with the same tone, emotion, straight through while Nels and Glen give an emotional roller coaster. I was there with my brother who, right after the song, turned to me and said "I finally get it" - Red Eyed and Blue into I Got You - just rocking... so glad we got it. Then following it up with a killer version of Broken Arrow. Great stretch there - Obviously the acoustic set; had high expectations and they delivered - Jeff saying that More Like The Moon is the slowest song they have outside Dash 7 - and their not going to play Dash 7 . My first time hearing Lammy Cat and Passenger Side. - Pot Kettle Black really clicked for me; they really changed up the make up of the song.. thought that was super cool. Things that sort of bummed me out: - An all time annoying guy on the far left side of the balcony. Just causing problems and ruined the concert for a nice couple in front of us. Really to bad, felt terrible for the two of them. - Kingpin on the set list but didn't get played!!!! Can't wait for tonight - I think they mix it up pretty good...
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    Set Lists

    Set lists look great in my opinion; anyone know if they have played Dreamer in my Dreams thus far on this tour?
  5. I also would love some help here. What a show, We sat outside all day with, what started as a small crew. I did not talk to anyone, but later learned that bbop also waited all day. Because of our efforts, we sat inches from Nels, and my girlfriend scored the last beer at the venue. My personal highlights were Walken and At Least Thats What You Said. Far, Far Away was also a great way to go out. Being my first wilco show and one of the best shows I have ever seen, I would die to get a copy of it. Brett
  6. Glen has grown this half way there mustache, so during the final encore the band (starting with Mikeal and Nels, but Pat and John ended up joining in on the fun) had some electrical tape mustaches to poke a little fun at Glen. It was pretty funny. I was standing next to the lady who made the pecan pie, not a fun day to bake... way, way to hot. My personal favorite song was Walken. just sounded great last night.
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