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  1. Hi it's my birthday so looking to find someone in possession of 2 extra tickets they don't mind selling for face. I hesitated buying initially but wilco's my fav band and I've seen them over 20 times, so can't imagine a better way to celebrate! Thanks in advance
  2. I have 4 tickets. If memory serves they were ~$50 with fees. Tickets are print pass so if you can paypal i can email to you.
  3. He gets an exuberant amount of bad press. Like with the whole summer of '69 thing. I saw him on that tour and it was amazing, all acoustic solo with a couple of strings. You could hear a pin drop, anyway at the Ryman that night he invites out Gillian Welch and David Rawlings and during their song, this jackass is just yelling out. It's not like it was a request in between tunes, that Ryan just couldn't bear to hear. Rock N Roll was made in 7 days due to pressure from his label to release a more radio friendly rock record. He wanted to do loveishell as a double album, and they comprimised on
  4. I for one am glad not to see let's not get carried away.
  5. http://blogsearch.google.com/blogsearch?hl...d&scoring=d
  6. remember after you download it to seed this for at least a week or so people. Thanks to the taper, and i'm sure the seeder will show back up soon.
  7. I think he mentioned he was upset that he wasn't able to get up against the rail, and was 3-5 people back. Supposedly security fucked up when they opened the doors, and pretty much disolved whatever line there initially was beforehand. I'm betting he got there early and was pissed off he didn't get up to the front.
  8. Actually if you think about it since AGIB came out wilco has come to Austin at least 3 times on tour. Dallas at least Two, and San Antonio, Houston and Ft. Worth, once. They know the diehards will travel to whatever city they have to, to catch the show availible to them. So them playing only San Antonio and Ft. Worth this go round was about playing to the fans there that couldn't travel elsewhere the previous times they came through, and make the people from austin, houston and dallas drive for a change to catch the show. anyhow I am loving impossible germany and walken, lets not get carri
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