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  1. Hello, Does anybody know where can I download the AGIB 2004 Tour Comp? I Think that are 4 cd's. I have looked in every site I know and nothing.... As I know that someone will post one site where it is , here is the other day concert in Bilbao the 14/11/2007. http://frontrowbootlegs.blogspot.com/ I was at that concert and was amazing!!! Thanks in advance.
  2. I mean, songs that Wilco have recorded in the studio for that disc but aren't on the CD. I have this: - One true vine - Let's not get carried away - Is that the thanks I get? Is there any others?
  3. Muchas gracias! Soy de Pamplona. Espero estar por tu ciudad para verlos en Junio.
  4. If someone can help me too, I would be very appreciated!
  5. And what about MONTREAL? Anybody? Thanks...
  6. Hello, I've been searching for this concert, but all the links that I have seen are down. So, if one of you have this concert and don't mind to put a link here whre I can download the concet, I will be very very happy. (Mp3 or Flac I don't mind) Also I am looking for the concert in Montreal the 2005-06-28. Thanks!

    My 1

    I've heard the concert and is as good as you have tell. Thanks again.

    My 1

    Thanks for the concert, owl!!! And thanks for your great page. I'm downloadin' now. When I hear the concert I tell you, but I'm sure that I'm gonna like it.
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