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  1. Yeah - it was probably where you were standing. I imagine it will have sounded great under the balcony at the desk, too... unfortunately, dead centre toward the front, the definition disappeared pretty quickly. The low-volume stuff was breathtaking, though. That's not to take credit away from an amazing gig - because it was! Phil Selway's lot were a bit miserable, though. :-)
  2. Just got back, ears still ringing. We got Late Greats! And Monday! And... everything, really. Awesome, awesome gig. The mix was a bit muddy (where we were standing, towards the front, the vocals were MIA when the volume picked up) but it's not the easiest venue for sound. Jeff & the band seemed to be in a good mood. I've waited forever to see this band, and I wasn't disappointed. Here's hoping they come back soon.
  3. DAMMIT! I was going to Newcastle. I Just got my email from Ticketweb, after being blissfully unaware all this was happening. I've never seen the band before, and I was so looking forward to it. I'm not a happy bunny.
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