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  1. Okay here is a shot at the middle and end of this song: Middle G F G When you're the Family Gardener G F Em And I'm the Family Gardener C As I Look down with my two eyes G And my two green thumbs, I despise Em G(1) The people who walk on the green green grass F(1) C That I grew with my watered love F(1) D(1) G(1)/G# End: G F G When you're the Family Gardener G C
  2. Anyone have the bridge to this?
  3. Thanks everyone who helped out, and especially to Kalle for the capo 3 version. It's given me a ton to play around with. I'll let you all know when I nail the song down.
  4. Is that absolutely no or are you just in a down mood?
  5. anyone can play this song in A#?
  6. He uses DADADE in "Someday Some Morning Sometime"
  7. WHAT LIGHT If you feel like singing a song and you want other people to sing along just sing what you feel don
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