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  1. Thanks all for the kind responses. I ended up reading "Of Mice and Men" first since it got some votes and its a quick read. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't call it one of my favorites. Up next I think I am going to go with Herman Hesse or Kafka. I will also check out the books you mentioned and the authors. Thanks again
  2. Would one of you pleasant people post in this thread when the Indy show becomes availble for download please.
  3. Get them all asap, but if you can only get one at a time get xo, then either/or.... send me a pm with your address and i will hook you up with some unreleased stuff if you would like.
  4. Yeah I really enjoyed this book alot. I love Catcher in the Rye like most people and Perks reminded me alot of that in a way. Yeah I have read that before, but I wouldn't mind reading it again. I enjoyed it the first time around. I heard most of Thomas Pynchons stuff are not easy reads, but Crying of lot 49 is the easiest. I will definately check out both of those authors, thanks! I like to read;)
  5. ill read it and if i dont like it its yours:) I will send it to you.
  6. House of Leaves is amazing. I got through almost half of it, then it started getting real techinical I guess you could say so I stopped. I need to pick it up again though. Have you read Danielewski new book? I didn't know if it was as good as House of Leaves. Not sure if I would enjoy Wuthering Heights but I always give a book a chance.
  7. thanks for your replies you two! I do appreciate it! I will defitnatly put Of Mice and Men up there since its two for two. I heard anything by Kafka was amazing so when I found The Trial I knew I should buy it. The start of the PKR book wasn't bad at all, I just couldn't get into it. Its a crazy concept though with Hitler and all. I will get back onto that one soon too! Thanks again!
  8. Here is a list of books I have sitting in the corner. I just read Perks of Being a Wallflower and now its on to something else. If you have read any of these please leave some comments about them to help me decide what to read next! I pick up books at flea markets, yard sales, and used book stores so I have a few I haven't read. Thanks to anyone who participates:) The Color Midnight Made-Andrew Winer The Tesseract-Alex Garland(have read the beach) Middlesex-Jeffrey Eugenides harbor-Lorraine Adams Happiness-Will Ferguson Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour-J.D. Salinger(read Ca
  9. Low plays for 45 minutes. Wilco comes on 30 minutes after low. Last night they came on 10 minutes earlier though.
  10. The show was great, but the crowd was top 5 worst out of 70 shows. There was chatting during the whole show. More than usual. I was pushed around while people wanted a better sit. If you want a better sit buy the tickets early. A couple of people would yell out shit in the middle of songs just for the fun of it.
  11. people who put down tattoos are cliche. touche.
  12. lmao! here is hoping for little old lady ushers;)
  13. The Murat allows it as long as the artist management allows it so thats why I was wondering.
  14. I have never brought a camera to a show and wanted to try it tonight. Don't know if I would get any good pictures with all the lights, but does wilco even allow them? If yes does anyone have any advice on camera settings to get good pictures? My gf is allowing me to use her Nikon80 so its a good camera.
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