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  1. WOW. Holy Shit. Living in New York now, and just saw this on PBS at three in the morning. That was just fantastic and incredible. Shit! I have never seen a Jeff Tweedy so emotionally committed...On and On as the closer blew me away, it was better than his best performance of Comment...not to mention Nel's solo on Impossible Germany, playing the solo from the album exactly as recorded and at the same time building upon that solo by playing every other note as its own chord...wow... I am once again a brand new fan.
  2. Back to point-- I would love an Ashes of American Flags twenty minute balls out solo session from everyone in the band on their respected insturments a la Dave Matthews Style. Not that Dave Matthews holds a candle to Jeff Tweedy artistically, but point being, I do love when Wilco goes jam band for a moment or few.
  3. Eric Heywood is the greatest slide guitarist I have ever seen live (he was touring with Richard Buckner.) Side Note: Richard Buckner is what Wilco has already become (too soon)...this great unbelievable talent that people wont recognize for years to come, and years from now when it is too late. But point of thread... I would love to see Eric Heywood Glen Kotche Jeff Tweedy Bela Fleck Bela Fleck would tear out some solos Nels has nightmares about.
  4. What I aspire to be: What Light My Bullshit front to impress others with my awesomeness: How to Fight Lonliness In reality: Hoodoo Voodoo
  5. Totally agree. The banjo is so freaking amazing in that song. Easily the most overrated song: California Stars. It drives me nuts when Wilco plays it live to please the masses. Most underrated song (currently) On and On and On. I might be the only one, but I think this is the best track on SBS.
  6. I am in total agreement with you. I was speaking of Sky Blue Sky's solos, but ALTWYS is easily my all time all time of all time. I have to admit that I prepare myself prior to a listening.
  7. On and On--The Organ solo where it builds and explodes and leaves Jeff pouring his heart out singing On and On. Its a short solo, but easily the most haunting and awesome on the album in my opinion.
  8. AT LEAST THATS WHAT YOU SAID? FROGGIE? Wow. I have never seen that one on anyone elses list. That is in my top three favorites, perhaps my all time. I am speechless.
  9. Does anyone know anything about the Warsaw show tomorrow? I am in NY as it happens so I am going to try and buy a ticket off the street, and didnt know anything about the venue, how to get there, etc. ANY info is greatly appriciated! I am currently on the Upper East Side.
  10. If memory serves, (which is a bit hazy) didn't Unplugged start getting a bit desperate for bands at the end of their run? I want to say I saw some pretty lame ass bands in the final season of the show, bands that had not been established, nor have any street cred as far as importance in Rock Music. Of course, I am pretty much always wrong when it comes to these matters, but point being, I think Wilco would be incredible. I also think they would sound EXACTLY the same Unplugged as they do Plugged, which I guess defeats the purpose, and makes me love them even more just making that point.
  11. As do I. But this is the Pat appreciation thread! P.S. Someone should start an Oceanman appreciation thread at some point in all seriousness. I am not pulling rank on Oceanman's views, which I always enjoy and typically agree with. P.P.S. A LouieB appreciation thread is long overdue.
  12. You answered my question. I was wondering why the video edited out and actually swings at a ball. But hey, I went to the cages last year and couldn't hit the ball in the slow cage.
  13. I must admit, at first I was jealous. I thought, "how lucky is this guy?... to get to be in Wilco?" And then I listened to the Autumn Defense, and I realized the guy is beyond sick as a musician. And then I saw him live and was blown away. And THEN I went back and watched him perform with Wilco...I watched him pour his heart out with a quiet humility, playing parts that perhaps are easy to a musician of his capabilities, and yet he was totally engaged, totally committed, and totally aware of how important his role was, taking the high road and letting others shine, when very easily he could
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