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  1. whoops. my friend is seeing them tonight and i just wanted to listen along and i guess i got overly excited! a friend of ours gave him a free ticket because he didn't get to see radiohead with us last night. lucky bastard!
  2. has it started yet? i can't tell if my browser is being crap or what.
  3. Love both albums immensely, favorites being So Long, Chinese Apple, Stupid as the Sun, Wreckroom, and Pretty Sparks. They seriously need to play a few shows every now and again... and start thinking about a third. I really wish they would have recorded Millionaire too, I love that one.
  4. His "Crack a Smile" cover is stunning. Beautiful.
  5. This is.. crazy. Because I have had this same thought several times.
  6. I've always really loved Jeff's lyrics and considered them one of the better parts of the equation.
  7. Personally, what would really float my boat is if they did an Autumn Defense song with the Wilco lineup. Or even better yet, have John sing Kamera or one of those other songs Jeff doesn't like to sing on.
  8. What is this "punk version" of passenger side? http://wilcobase.com/song.php?song_key=368 num 19
  9. Like if it was electronically based. And Jeff did all of his vocals like he did in Hell is Chrome/Less Than You Think.. And O'Rourke produced. Yeah. I have lots of time to think.
  10. Hiyo... uh, so I heard the full band has done a live version of it just recently? Could someone supply me with a copy?
  11. http://wilcobase.com/event.php?event_key=634 This... wow, um, is there anywhere to nab a soundboard of this thing?
  12. XD Yeah, I understand. TONS of people absolutely hate the band, so I don't mind. There are also TONS who love it, so it's cool.
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