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  1. Hehe... awesome story. I bought tickets to see Rufus Wainwright in 2002 on the Poses Tour. I was in high school and didn't have a driver's license, so I bought an extra ticket for a friend of my mother's who said she would drive me and my friend. A few days before the concert, the lady bailed because she "just didn't feel like driving that far" and talked her sister into doing it. Not only was it awkward because a. I didn't know her sister b. the sister was disapproving of homosexuality (it was Rufus Wainwright and Tori Amos... nuff said) and c. we were WAY late and therefore missed a
  2. Hilarious mental image. That's the LAST thing he would ever do.
  3. You rock! I can't go either, but I just wanted to say how cool it is of you to do that. Maybe you'll start a trend or something!
  4. I got two tickets during the MusicToday presale, but they're in different sections. I have one at SEC 4 Row G seat 13 and one at SEC 3 Row E seat 113. If anyone has a ticket close to one onf my seats, I'd be willing to trade so that I can sit next to my friend. ANyone who can help me out, please let me know.
  5. Hello... I bought two tickets to the Lakewood Civic Center show on the MusicToday presale... but I was only allowed to buy one at a time. So my boyfriend and I are in two completely different sections. Our seats are as follows: SEC4 row G seat 13 SEC3 row E seat 113 Now, row G is 7 rows back and seat 13 is on the end, close-ish to the middle, and row E is 5 rows back almost right in the center. I'm willing to give up the really sweet row E seat to trade with someone back in row G if they're close to seat 13. Obviously, though, I'd rather keep the 5th row seat and trade the other t
  6. Check this out www.evilwizardrock.com Also look up Harry and the Potters... hilarity. I'm trying to talk my boyfriend into seeing them play a free show in Cleveland at the public Library, but he's totally not amused.
  7. Another artist named Michael Leviton is using Invision Power Board on his site. He has been having problems with an insane amount of spammers trying to register an account so they can post advertisements on his board. How does ViaChicago.org control spammers?
  8. That's a little rude, doncha think. How would you feel if someone shot YOU in the face?
  9. Someone randomly wandered into the room from anotehr IRC chat. He had never heard of Wilco, so i directed him to their site and he's listening to SBS right now haha. I'm amused... the whole chatroom thing isn't for nothing :-D
  10. Nope... I figure I'll keep bumping this thread until it gets annoying and someone tells me to stop. I won't start another one, though... that really would be obnoxious. I just post on it whenever I'm in the room in case someone feels like chatting. I don't get out much haha. Actually, that's going to change after this weekend, so this thread will probably die then.
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