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  1. The red sox are totally bumming me out this year. Seriously.
  2. Have you seen that Wilco cell phone ad?
  3. I think we might need to hear all about THAT.
  4. last year we got it on Christmas, There is a 7 hour diff and all...
  5. Tomorrow I am making pralines. Does anyone have a good recipe they like?
  6. Yes, it is my favorite of the Matt Smith Doctor episodes. Absolutely makes me cry. EVERY TIME.
  7. http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/7318895/securities-exchange-commission-probing-financing-new-miami-marlins-stadium ruh roh.
  8. Manny rumors are that he's looking at the O's, because of his past relationship with Dan Duquette. Frankly, as disappointed as I am with Manny for his antics the last year he was with the red sox, I think he'd be a good match up for the O's who, frankly, could use some more crazy personalities to sell tickets to that great stadium. Although I do believe that the Oriole's wholesale routing of the red sox at the end of the 2011 season hopefully will help them fill up that ball park. It is a great place to see a game.
  9. You weirdos and your internet marriages. Caliber and I had a lovely day that was absolutely perfect in every way, from those who were there and family and weather and just perfect, but i would have really preferred to spend the $ (a little over 5K almost all of which was spent on full buffet food w/ carving stations etc and beer and wine and all the staff, plus covered the cost of all the food and drink for the local party in RI as well so food for about 100 in NC and food for about 50 in RI) on a really awesome honeymoon trip. We covered the cost of our own wedding which was outside on a lovely day in June in NC, and interestingly cost the same as my first wedding about a million years before. But I think that Caliber's family would have been bummed to miss a family event, as he is the youngest grandchild and there's a lot to be said for making your family happy. Caliber's family was a huge help and it probably was the best opportunity to get to meet most of them, and for that i wouldn't trade anything. My family's politics is a lot different from his family's btw, and yet they all just adored each other and had a great time. His family even came up for the RI party so they could meet all my friends. Ways we saved money: We used an iPod for background music at the reception (no dancing) We did all the flowers (except for bouquets and boutineers etc) ourselves We borrowed stuff from family (like a garden arch and stuff) We bought the linens for the tables and now my mother in law uses them for church functions (a lot cheaper than renting, btw!) We had VCers help make our over 1000 origami cranes! (this was the best part, well, that and Edie's endless Wilco-inspired toast) Caliber got the wine and beer with his discount at the wine store We hired a local guy who played music (electric piano) for the ceremony (Orange Sky and a nice classical piece) for so cheap! He was just really glad we asked! Sarah, do you still work at the zoo/aquarium? Why not see if you can have a party there? Especially if that is where you met? and you're in the south--you can totally have a church service and then awesome punch and cake and probably get family to donate punch and cake. I'm sorry I haven't been around much so I don't know a lot about what most of you are doing these days, but please feel free to send me a message if you need help with anything. xoxo
  10. Btw, The Nature Conservancy agrees with me: http://blog.nature.org/2011/11/seven-tips-for-a-greener-holiday/
  11. I am not sure i can give Lammy's old lady reason to go to the woods and cut down a tree in the national forest, although I suppose it is a little like culling the deer population so that they remain healthier...perhaps select cutting of national forest trees keeps it healthy for everyone and maybe keeps the low brush down (which is safer regarding forest fires) But i do know that getting at tree at a tree farm is a great way to do the following: support local businesses, keep people employed over the winter months (a lot of landscapers do tree farming and plowing in the winter), maintain really really really important open space for wildlife (and human life). Tree farming requires very little water, generally, and almost no fertilizer and can use very rocky, relatively unuseable land (that is for other agriculture.) Christmas tree farming is pretty sustainable, has a relatively small carbon footprint and trees are often recycled/reused as mulch in many municipalities, including Denver. If her issue is "killing a tree" does that means she doesn't use paper, or cardboard, or post-it-notes, ever? Also, fake trees sometimes have offgassing issues, and the ones that come from china (hello carbon footprint) are tied together internally with a hell of a lot of lead. Bad bad bad for kids, lead poisoning. Anyway, Lammer, good luck. Hope that helps your cause. Go live or die trying.
  12. True story: caliber and I have custody of nurfherder's cat.
  13. Just buy it. You want to get to book 3 ASAP!
  14. There is a presale (chicago) for the 930 Club/Merriweather Post Pavillion show on the 25th of September. 10:00 am Wilco at Merriweather Post Pavillion I thoroughly enjoyed the Wilco show we saw there a few (2005?) years ago with a few board members.
  15. Thanks Ms Y. I will be in your state next week. I'll wave southward.
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