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  1. Come on man, cut the dude a break - he's only been arrested and/or investigated like, 17 times now. I mean, who hasn't? I think Hixter would take his case.
  2. Poor George just can't catch a break. http://www.salon.com/2013/10/31/george_zimmerman_allegedly_threatened_his_estranged_wife_with_a_shot_up_bullseye/
  3. It's almost funny the way you portray the US as some sort of victim here. We've pretty much bullied our way through the previous and current century, yet at the same time, we're weak and afraid to act unilaterally - our reputation and the resulting fallout be damned. The decision to bomb or not to bomb Syria has already been made, the rest is political theater.
  4. The world's opinion of the US (which, has always been low) took a nosedive following our adventure in Iraq, Guantanamo, the use of torture - etc. Our reputation was in the shitter long before Syria became an issue.
  5. That depends on who you ask. Some organizations put it in the hundreds of thousands - our own government figures are much lower, but then, we don't really try too hard to keep an accurate count. There's also a fairly large gray area where sectarian violence is concerned, as, once you invade and occupy a country, you assume responsibility for security. "U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell was quoted in "Plan of Attack" as cautioning President George Bush before the war that he would "own" Iraq and all its problems, after military victory. "Privately," wrote Bob Woodward, "Powell and Armita
  6. http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2013/09/12/2611711/george-zimmermans-local-police-chief-fears-sandy-hook-waiting-happen/ Excerpt: Police Chief Steve Bracknell, who is responsible for the Florida town where George Zimmerman resides, agreed in a series of emails that Zimmerman is a “ticking time bomb” and another “Sandy Hook” waiting to happen. Bracknell expressed his views in response to two emails from Santiago Rodriguez, who reached Bracknell through a contact form on the police department’s website. Bracknell confirmed the emails’ authenticity to ThinkProgress and subsequently tried t
  7. It's also common for a victim of domestic abuse to recant their story out of fear, and a habitual need to try to make things better to avoid further violence.
  8. Ok - but you also seem to have a clairvoyants' ability to read his intentions. "Assuming he was carrying a concealed weapon properly and legally, his firearm would not have been brandished or displayed if he wasn't in a life-threatening situation." Considering his increasingly violent past and present behavior, I'm a lot less likely to give him the benefit of the doubt. For a "law abiding citizen", he certainly finds himself in handcuffs quite often.
  9. Gun or no gun, hopefully, the next time Zimmerman feels the urge to point a gun at someone, he points it at his own map.
  10. I'm just worried about how this might be affecting the Kardashians.
  11. What the world, or more specifically, Detroit, needs, is a half dozen or so more George Zimmermans to wash away the scum and stuff.
  12. http://www.upworthy.com/its-rare-that-the-daily-show-slips-out-of-satire-and-into-anger-this-is-one-of-those-times
  13. http://politicalblindspot.org/george-zimmermans-old-myspace-surfaces-full-of-racist-statements-and-admissions-of-criminal-activity/
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