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  1. I heard "You and I" at a Talbot's not too long ago. (Was shopping with my wife. lol)
  2. Would anyone out there be willing to make a copy of Jeff's show in DC at the Lincoln Theatre? Would of course be willing to pay for shipping, etc. Thanks!
  3. "You and I" downtown SF Staples. 1:35 pm today. I did a double-take and smiled because I was not in close proximity to the speakers. Good song for a rainy Friday.
  4. I don't think I have it anymore, so I can't take a picture of it, but Wilco made a THIRD appearance in the Jumble just a few weeks ago. It was another school scene with a kid in the background wearing a t-shirt that said Wilco on it. I thought to myself how cool is that. Wilco will teach you baby.
  5. My bad. I got confused by the dates they use for the rankings.
  6. I think I saw that they are #4 for this week, so the Letterman show did them good.
  7. Ditto for me. It used to be Impossible Germany. Before that it was Spiders. And before that Pot Kettle Black.
  8. I am not smart enough to figure this out on my own - can someone tell me which part Mikael is playing and which part Pat is playing? I can't tell from watching the Letterman clip. Thanks fellow VCers.
  9. I apologize if this has been discussed previously (I didnt find anything in a search) but in reviewing my copy of Wilco's Winter Residency, I do not have a performance of Not for the Season (Laminated Cat). Do I have an incomplete copy or was it not played because it was never officially released?
  10. I noticed that glance, too. It would be great to hear from someone "in the know" as to how the vocal tracks were recorded. My guess is that Feist sang it a number of ways and the band settled on the one that appears on the album. Props a) to Jeff for his artistic mastery in using a word like 'miscontrued' which totally fits this song; and 2) to Feist for her amazingly beautiful vocal performance. It's easily tied for first as my favorite song on the album right now.
  11. I thought given the meaning of the word 'miscontrued' that it was exactly the RIGHT thing for them not to sing it at the same time.
  12. I haven't been around for awhile so I am having trouble finding some good search results for my questions. I bought the DVD and would like access to the complete live show that I was reading about. Can someone point me to how I can do that? Thanks so much!!!
  13. If someone could send me a message or a link about downloading recent shows, I would be very grateful, too. Thanks!
  14. Interesting stuff. I've seen them live 4 times on 3 different tours, including their last one (at the Greek in Berkeley in Nov 2004). I pretty much listen to their first 5 albums and then scattered stuff after. REM will always be my #1 band, so I am not objective at all. But their recent stuff has been boring which is the worst sin a band can commit in my mind. Personally, I think Michael Stipe's ego destroyed this band. Maybe they can regain some of that rocker mentality - looking forward to the tour.
  15. I hereby implore Wilco to consider a Summer or Fall Residency in San Francisco - the Fillmore would be a good place for that and they will have no problems selling 5 nights.
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