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  1. 1) ST 2) YHF 3) AGIB 4) BT 5) AM 6) W(TA) ... ... ... 7) SBS Those top three are interchangable, really. BT is too long and SBS has about three good songs on it. Have a feeling there will be a line-up change for the next album (would be surprised if Nels and Mikael bid farewell).
  2. Does that song really require 6+ musicians? No more than 5, surely.
  3. Hollinger, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Danke.
  4. Sorry, guys. I'm not being insistant. Just thought we could post them here as opposed to the middle of some other random thread when someone gets them down. I'm at work, so I can type but can't listen to anything.
  5. What awesome people would be so kind to post the lyrics to the new album on this page? Moderator edit: See Page 2 post by Hollinger. for the VC-voted albums lyrics thus far...
  6. I've had this for a while, but I was wondering if someone could post the tracklisting for the 3 discs, because I labelled them incorrectly. Thanks!
  7. Taken From Uncut REM's "Accelerate" 2008-01-30 12:07:52 OK, then, I must admit I
  8. Confirmed at website. I like it; symbolizes the direction of the new songs. Faster, louder. Hopefully this will be a great record. Their last great one (in my opinion) was NEW ADVENTURES.
  9. Since there's a lot of talk going around about the new R.E.M. material in Dublin, I thought I'd start of a discussion of their albums, best to worst. Anyone agree, disagree on the following list? NEW ADVENTURES IN HI-FI MURMUR AUTOMATIC FOR THE PEOPLE LIFES RICH PAGEANT OUT OF TIME RECKONING MONSTER REVEAL FABLES OF THE RECONSTRUCTION GREEN UP DOCUMENT AROUND THE SUN
  10. Sorry I crossed the line with the drug comment. I shouldn't have said that, there was no reason for it. Didn't think it would cause such a fury.
  11. Was the topic stupid or the Tupac-"inspired" one love?
  12. Easily better than "Good Feeling" and "12 Memories" Can't match-up with "The Man Who" and "The Invisible Band." Just pleasant sounding music, and that's fine with me.
  13. I don't see why people don't like Zwan. It was his best work since "Mellon Collie" IMHO, and here's to the new album. "Tarantula" reminds me of early era Pumpkins, although the vocals are much mroe discernable (possibly misspelled).
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