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  1. Per Paste Magazine website: https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2019/07/wilco-new-album-new-song.html Perennial alt-rock favorites Wilco just want to feel joyful. Is that so much to ask? In 2019’s dire, dreary political climate, maybe it is. Maybe we should risk our individual happinesses to better our community; maybe there’s a way to materialize that joy into political action. That’s the central tension in the band’s new song, “Love Is Everywhere (Beware),” the lead single from their newly announced 11th album, Ode to Joy. Over twirling guitars and tender percussion, Jeff Tweedy year
  2. ponch1028


    It's up and ready to stream. Go to https://wilcoworld.net It'll take you to a screen where you can listen to warm or warmer - click on warmer and 'Orphen' will start streaming. Enjoy everyone!
  3. After the recent airplane incident - Prince was on my radar and I was listening to more and more of his music. He will be missed. Here is a video tribute I helped a friend create. http://www.shrinktank.com/a-tribute-to-prince/
  4. I really, really love this album. Here's a brief album review I wrote: http://www.shrinktank.com/review-sufjan-stevens-carrie-lowell/
  5. My personal list: 1. Box Full of Letters 2. Dash 7 3. Passenger Side 4. Misunderstood 5. Monday 6. Sunken Treasure 7. California Stars 8. Hoodoo Voodoo 9. Hesitating Beauty 10. Another Man's Done Gone 11. She's A Jar 12. A Shot in the Arm 13. I'm Always in Love 14. How to Fight Loneliness 15. Via Chicago 16. Candy floss 17. Airline to Heaven 18. Remember The Mountain Bed 19. Someday, Some Morning, Sometime Disc 2 1. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart 2. War On War 3. Jesus, etc. 4. Ashes of American Flag 5. Poor Places 6. Hell Is Chrome 7. Handshake Drugs 8. Wishful Thinking 9.
  6. The ending of Snowpiercer did not work for me at all. Otherwise a solid film about a ridiculous set-up and premise.
  7. I absolutely love "Runnin' Down A Dream" the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers documentary.
  8. Made my morning. Shouldn't be too much to ask for in this world, "a nice person who also happens to be a very talented musician." Best of both worlds - a parent and child who are both immensely proud of one another.
  9. I saw them during this period. Have many recordings. I really love this period and have a soft spot for this era. I think a lot (not all) of the music benefitted from the space that only 4 musicians provided. I think a lot of songs worked with the band finding themselves vs. having a well-worn groove and predictability. I think there was more urgency, risks, more of a sense of discovery, and more hunger, during that period that I really like and respect when I hear that era. Just my take.
  10. I hit a burnout period every 6 months or so. Just happens. Often it is a result of wanting to listen to a genre or style of music that isn't consistently presented in Wilco's catalog. So I usually don't gravitate toward music similar to Wilco (i.e., The Band, Neil Young, etc.) when I hit the burnout stage, but rather R&B, soul, pop, or something like that. My recent cycle this past year has been Wilco >> burnout after a period >> Paul Simon >> R.E.M. >> Coldplay >> Van Morrison >> The Head and the Heart >> The Lumineers >> ???
  11. Van has always had a secure place in my top 5 of all-time. His 5 album streak starting with Astral Weeks to St. Dominic's Preview is one of the finest periods of music. Throw in Veedon Fleece, Into the Music, his Them output, and the Philosopher Stone compilation, and his best ranks up there with the best of Dylan, Young, and Paul Simon (my Mt. Rushmore of "Rock" musicians). Having said that, when I listen to his 80's -- up to the present output, it's hit-or-miss. Even the good material only makes me want to revisit his old material, rarely does it make me want to listen to his newer stuf
  12. Anything that means something special to us will always have an added level of significance with the people we share it with. My wife makes fun of me at times for my deep love and connection to music, not just Wilco. She also doesn't share my deep love for all types of films, classics, foreign, etc. But I've dragged her to a number of films and concerts that she had no interest in but went because she knew how important they were to me and had fun because I loved every minute of them. That's the sweet spot for us. I've stopped trying to convince her of the artistic merits of why I like
  13. Just finished watching. Amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  14. Obviously, I, like many, would love to get my hands on the album as soon as it's available. However, the manner in which it's available right now is pretty sketch, and I don't like filling out surveys or giving out my cell #, so I guess I'll just have to wait for someone who has it to kindly offer a PM for those that want it. On the other hand, I really enjoy my memories of having my laptop on my night table and listening to previous album streams around midnight when the group released it early on their website. I hope the group announces a similar stream soon.
  15. Been on an 80's and 90's film kick recently, revisiting some more obscure films that I remember fondly and seeing how well they hold up as an adult. Here are a few I've recently watched: What a weird and mesmerizing film. I love it. I've always loved this movie and still do. Second half w/ aliens does not hold up well. First half is better. Recently listened to a "Movie Geeks United" podcast where they revisited this film, and it explained some things about the film that were cut which would probably made it a little better. Special effects are horrible, but I sti
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