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  1. just wondering- does anyone know where they got the title "kicking television"?
  2. Don't know if you all have seen this or not, but I came across it and found it interesting, especially the emotional background of songs like On and On and On http://dbmpr.com/pressroom/wilco/Wilco-SBS-BIO.pdf
  3. as for oveerrated, i just really dont see all the buzz over "what light". i dont think it holds its own in a great album as for underrated, after reading the "least favorite song post, i'm going to go with "hummingbird"
  4. i cannot tell you how sad i am...i'm returning to boston (where i missed their show this summer) on 9/6, no way i can make it back here for it i kept praying that the "early spetember" rumor would be before i leave and funny that is special guest dr dog, right after jeff plugged them in the nyt it should be absolutely amazing- wilco at sunset at the park? man
  5. here's another article by chuck on jeff/AGIB http://citypages.com/databank/25/1246/article12584.asp
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