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  1. Two seats for Sunday. Right side, row LL seats 104 and 105. So way at the back. Face on tickets is $85. Ended up being $103.50 with fees. $50 each - $100 for the pair. Ticket is .pdf. Paypal or Venmo to ian (at) ianandrach.com Contact me at that e-mail and I can send you cell number for text or call as I'm sure you'd be most comfortable touching base before sending $ I will forward you the e-mail from Auditorium theater with the print at home tickets. Thank you! Hate to eat the tickets or see them go to waste! Ian
  2. Chicago 8/28/21 - 2 Seats Section: Section 102 Row: U Seat: 13 & 14 (Nels' side) Turns out I can't make it after all 😢 Eventbrite tickets - they will be emailed Face value = USD $102.00 x 2 (includes fees). Open to offers. PayPal or Venmo Screenshot of my order attached to confirm price /seats
  3. I noticed on the Wilco splash page that Jeff, wearing his nudie suit, is playing a Danelectro or (to be fair it could also be) a Jerry Jones / professional Danelectro. Does anyone who has been at one of the recent Wilco shows know which song(s) he's using this new axe on? They have such a distinctive mellow sound . . . would love to know. Thanks. Ian
  4. I've seen Wilco at the Auditorium a few times (first time they played there at the end of the YHF tour, then 2 different times on AGIB). I've also seen Tom Waits at the Auditorium. And seen shows at the Chicago theater. And shows at the Riv and Vic over the years. 1. Give me the Chicago Theater over the Auditorium any day. Better sightlines IMHO. Even the time I had good seats for Wilco I felt like I was far away. I've decided if I'm looking at the balcony at the AT - I'll just buy the frickin DVD when (if) it comes out. 2. It seems like Wilco - between their presale and the XRT presale -
  5. If what you're looking for is a recording highlighting Thompson's acoustic guitar playing, I will concur that "Small Town Romance" might be a great place to start - it is just him and his acoustic, largely performing material from the catalog he amassed with Linda prior to their divorce. I will not say that "Small Town Romance" is my favorite RT album though. There's great playing and some stellar songs, but I think it's uneven. The man is a phenomenal electric guitar player as well though. He is one of my favorite guitarists, and I think any fan of AGIB and onward Wilco would appreciate wha
  6. Hmm. I wouldn't say you're reading incorrectly, but I think it indicates I wrote incorrectly. Or at least incoherently. It was still early. My perception was any of the bands I mentioned were "cool" to their respective crowds, as were REM and U2. Just REM and U2 got 'big' and their fanbase expanded far beyond their initial 'hipper' appeal but REM and U2 still could be respected as musicians, while some of the other pop stars were . . . well . . . Tiffany. If I weren't lazy, I'd edit my orignal post. Good call. Ian
  7. I'm seeing the NP's on Friday at the Metro in Chicago. I'd be terribly disappointed were Neko not to be there. Dan . . . I think I'd miss, but if it meant Neko could sing more with the NP's - enjoy your beer buddy. Ian
  8. Music in the 80's defined your social groups - I think more so than with the teens I work with today. There was a Smiths / Cure kinda goth crowd. A few hardcore punks. Some definate denim and leather metal types (Ozzy written on the back of their jean jacket, adorned with band logos and the inevitable recreated Eddie from Iron Maiden). Then U2 and R.E.M. were the bands in high school that first defined you as cool, then crossed over into being something bigger. For me Joshua Tree was grandeur, depth, beauty. So much of their subsequent career has been trying to figure out what to do with the s
  9. Nice looking art - haven't printed it, so can't say on size, but visually - well done! Ian
  10. I own a good number of guitars (14 at the moment if memory serves) and have bought and sold about that many too, as I've discovered what I do and don't like, bought to collect, sold because I got tired of the instrument, etc., etc. I bought a 1990 Japanese made Telecaster in 1991 for $200. I still have that one and can't imagine ever parting with it. Sure sentimentality plays into that a little. But it's just a solid, solid, verstaile guitar that will never go out of style. It also is an instrument where if somehting happens to it, heartbreak doesn't necessarily ensue. That Gretsch is a coll
  11. http://elderly.com/accessories/items/EN02.htm I bought one of these some years ago when I first started to learn lap style playing. It was nice to have the option of such a small investment before deciding lap style playing was for me. Other stores have these too. Ian
  12. for Lap Steels, I believe Chandler, Goldtone, Fender, and Gretsch are all making current production lapsteels in a $300 to $500 range. Morrell also makes steels in a $100-$200 range. 50's era steels are in that price range too. The may seem obvious, but even more essential than a volume pedal is a solid tone bar of some sort (aka the slide you use to 'fret' the notes). Yes, duh. My favorie place for a selection of tone bars is http://www.elderly.com - you'll also have an excellent choice of different steels here. All the brands I mentioned except Chandler are available. I'm partial to the DU
  13. I would just like to go on the record as saying that canceling a show because of the CHICKEN POX is so rock and roll. Spinal Tap lives. Ian
  14. I've yet to have a big breakthrough moment with either Love & Theft or Modern Times. To me, they're both good modern Dylan (better than a lot of other things, but not essential listening). I think Time Out of Mind is a masterpiece of writing though. I come back to some of those songs - particularly "Not Dark Yet" again and again. Just that any recording artist could release work over the span of 40 years and have people discussing the artistic impact is impressive to me. To be on topic - I think the question is, will Wilco still be discussed in these terms in 40 years? to which al
  15. My EYES! My EYES! Oh dear god. That should be labeled NSFA (Not Safe For Anywhere). Ian
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