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  1. came out of deep lurker mode to make a Corrie reference . HEY JIM!
  2. Someone uploaded this fanshot footage of them doing Revolution Blues
  3. Nugs.net cut the feed on the 4.3 show before they came back to play Revolution Blues. Jerks.
  4. I used to have it hidden on YouTube and Photobucket but, I haven't checked on it in years. Both sites appear to have taken it down. It did indeed take place in a hospital, there's even a witch doctor and one of those monkey toys that bashes cymbals together.
  5. The comedy lineup for 2015 was so good, I didn't care about missing out on whichever bands were playing that day.
  6. I'll be surprised (and a little disappointed) if Homme isn't part of the lineup.
  7. I feel like that's been rumored for the last 5-6 years.
  8. The joke being, that Ghost has changed their lead singer three times now, Papa Emeritus, Papa Emeritus II, and Papa Emeritus III. In reality, they're all the same guy wearing variations on the makeup.
  9. Eleventh Dream Day, tonight at the Hideout.
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