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  1. Enjoyed the show, did not enjoy the audience, but it didn't detract much from the show. Enjoyed hearing some new songs and some songs I've never heard solo, like Bull Black Nova.
  2. When Jeff said "This one is from our first album" I was hoping for Too Far Apart for you, remphish... great show though.
  3. I imagine the 3:30 show is airing Thursday, and the 6:45 show is airing Friday, so you're in luck since Wilco is on Thursday.
  4. I'm going to be at this show - would love to hear Too Far Apart.
  5. OOO

    The RTT

    As if there weren't already enough crackers in this thread.
  6. I'm going to go to this thing. I have a thing for Olivia Wilde. and also Jeff Tweedy.
  7. I've got an interview in NYC this week and my flight is supposed to be tuesday night...but I doubt thats going to happen now. Somehow I think they're going to be sympathetic to me if i explain I couldn't make it because of the weather. Hope everyone currently out there stays safe, I'm glad all the states seem to be taking it very seriously.
  8. I'm curious as to why he didn't hide them in the back of a closet? Throwing them out seems ill thought out. On a related note, most of my shirts are from pre-2007 and I don't consider them old.
  9. The sound was pretty lackluster in my neck of the woods for the first part of the show, and it seemed like someone was fiddling with levels for a good chunk of time, but having not seen the boys in a couple years, I had a blast, especially since we were allowed to bring in our own food/drinks. I would have loved a smaller venue, but it was a grand night. I counted 33 nothings.
  10. I think The Man toned this down by the time I started playing it because it went by Egyptian Rat Screw in my day.
  11. I'm a Settlers of Catan man myself. I recently tried out Carcassonne and that was cool too. But settlers, man. Settlers.
  12. I was making $3,000 a year last year and was still rich by comparaison to other people in my town - it is indeed all relative.
  13. In a blunder that will haunt me for the rest of my days, I was walking around London last week and passed by the theater where (unbeknownst to me) they were showing a sneak peak of the first episode of the new series with a Q&A session afterwords with cast and crew, only a few hours later. If only I had a Tardis to go back in time.... I did make it out to the all Dr. Who shop, and although its less impressive than I'd have liked, I did get some cool shirts/posters.
  14. OOO

    The RTT

    I'm officially reinstating myself as a member of this message board.
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