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  1. I'm listening to Night #2 recording right now, and it is amazing! Brian: you did a great job. Thanks so much for posting your recordings for download!
  2. Hey, thanks for the mp3! The quality is great. I was at the show and the sound in the auditorium was fantastic, too. What a great way to remember the show -- thanks again!
  3. Hey all, Thanks for all of the tips and suggestions, I definitely have a better idea of what to look for, now. I am having some trouble locating lap steels where I live, though (Edmonton, Canada). I've only found one store that stocks them, and they don't have much. My choice there would be either a new Fender FS-52, or a vintage Gibson (they think 1950s). The Gibson is moderately beat-up. Any thoughts on either of these models?
  4. Yeah, a vintage one would be great, but eBay can be a bit difficult since I live in Canada and most good finds are in the states and we get killed on duty, brokerage fees, etc. for things coming across the border. Any thoughts on who makes good mid-range lap steel new? Out of curiousity, is it the case that most people use a volume pedal to get the really smooth attack on a note? Cheers!
  5. That's a great article, thanks! I was wondering if his 12-string was a vintage Danelectro, but I guess it is an imitation (it still looks like a great guitar, though).
  6. Hey Everyone, I was thinking I might buy an electric lap steel to fool around with. Does anyone here play one? Any thoughts on which brands are good or what to look for? What does Nels play? Cheers!
  7. Hey all! Can someone give some advice on trying to meet the band before/after a show -- when and where is best? Also, when will they usually soundcheck? I'm going to the Edmonton show in August and I thought it would be cool to see the soundcheck and maybe meet some of the guys. Cheers!
  8. I agree, there was a lot of great energy at the show in Edmonton, despite the fact that we were sitting. I wish Jeff had talked more, though, he's always so funny live. I wished they would play something from A.M., but I guess they've moved away from the country sound and don't really want to revisit it. The second encore was really great...so good to hear those Mermaid Avenue songs! It was also great that a bunch of us were able to stand up by the stage for the 2nd encore. On that note - if you were the curly haired blonde girl in the yellow shirt that I was talking to during the 2nd enc
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